Helene Whittaker - Selected Publications#


1) Mycenaean Cult Buildings: A Study of their Architecture and Function in the Context of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean; Bergen, 1997 (Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens 1).

2) Religion and Society in Middle Bronze Age Greece, Cambridge, 2014 (Cambridge University Press).


3) The Aegean Bronze Age in the Wider European Context. Papers from a session at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Cork, 5-11 September 2005, Archaeopress, Oxford 2008, British Archaeological Reports S1745.


4) “Reflections on the Sociopolitical Function of Mycenaean Religion”, in Potnia. Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 8th International Aegean Conference, Göteborg, Göteborg University, 12-15 April, 2000 (edd. Robert Laffineur & Robin Hägg), Liège & Austin 2001, 355-360 (Aegaeum 22).

5) “Social and Symbolic Aspects of Minoan Writing”, European Journal of Archaeology 8(1), 2005, 29-41.

6) “Religious Symbolism and the Use of Gold in Burial Contexts in the Late Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean Periods”, Studi micenei ed egeo-anatolici 48, 2006, 283-289.

7) “Warfare and Religion in the Bronze Age”, in The Aegean Bronze Age in the Wider European Context (ed. Helene Whittaker), Archaeopress, Oxford 2008, 73-93.

8) “The Cultic Function of Mycenaean Anthropomorphic Terracotta Figures”, in Encounters with Mycenaean Figures and Figurines. Papers Presented at a Seminar at the Swedish Institute at Athens 27-29 April 2001, Skrifter utgivna av svenska institutet i Athen, 80 20, 2009, 99-111.

9) “Horns and Axes. The Association between Bulls and Double Axes in Minoan Crete” in Robert Laffineur, Eva Alram-Stern, Fritz Blakolmer, Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy & Jörg Weilhartner (edd.) Metaphysis. Ritual, Myth and Symbolism in the Aegean Bronze Age. 15th International Aegean Conference at the Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Department Aegean and Anatolia, Austrian Academy of Sciences and at the Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna on 22-25 April 2014, Peeters Publishing 2016, 109-114.

10) “Memory and Figured Worlds in the Minoan Bronze Age” in Elisabetta Borgna, Haria Galoi, Filippo Maria Carinci, Robert Laffineur (edd.) MNHMH/MNEME. Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 17th International Aegean Conference, University of Udine, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Ca’ Foscari Univeristy of Venice, Department of Humanities, 17-21 April 2018, Leuven (Peeters Publishers) 2019, 383-388.

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