Peter Wagner - Publications#

Selection of some of Peter Wagner's publications in the last three years; a more comprehensive list is attached:

Mota, A & Wagner P 2019, Collective action and political transformations. The entangled experiences of Brazil, South Africa and Europe, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

van der Linden M, Reis E, Livi Bacci M, Wagner P et al. 2018, 'Social trends and new geographies, in Rethinking Society for the 21st Century', Report of the International Panel on Social Progress, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 9-40.-

Wagner P 2018, 'Towards a conceptual history of the present: democracy, rights, and freedom in the recent Catalan conflict', Social Science Information, vol. 57, no. 4.

Wagner P 2018, Fortschritt. Zur Erneuerung einer Idee, Frankfurt/M: Campus.

Wagner P 2018, 'Social and political philosophy, historical-comparative sociology and the critical diagnosis of the present: a reply', Social Imaginaries, vol. 4, no. 2, 109-134.

Wagner, Peter 2018, 'The Society of Singularities. The Structural Change of the Modern Age', Archives Europeennes De Sociologie, 59, 3, 524 - 532.

Wagner P 2017, 'Finding one's way in global social space', in Wagner P (ed.), The moral mappings of South and North, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Wagner P (ed) 2017, The moral mappings of South and North, Annual of European and Global Studies, vol. 4, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Wagner P 2017, 'Progreso y modernidad: el problema con la autonomía', Sociología Histórica, no. 7, 2017, 95-120 (as well in English in the same issue: Progress and modernity: the problem with autonomy, pp. 71-94).

Wagner P 2017, 'The end of European modernity?', in: Changing Societies & Personalities, vol. 1, no. 2.

Jaclin D & Wagner P 2017, 'Social sciences and social transformations', in: Social Science Information, vol. 56, no. 4.

Peter Wagner, Fine della modernità europa? Il declino dell'occidente, in Prometeo. Rivista trimestrale de scienze e storia, year 35, no. 137, March 2017.

Peter Wagner, Is modernity an attitude? in: bauhaus now. The official magazine of the Bauhaus centenary 2019, no. 1 (published in English and German).

Peter Wagner, The question of freedom. Social and political progress under conditions of modernity, Revue internationale de philosophie.

Strath B & Wagner P 2017, European modernity: a global approach, London: Bloomsbury.

Strath B & Wagner P 2017, 'Europaeische und globale Moderne', in Bach M & Hoenig B (eds), Handbuch der Europasoziologie.

Peter Wagner 2016, 'Sauver le progrès', La découverte, Paris.

Wagner P 2016, 'Outline of a world-sociology', Social Imaginaries, vol. 2, no. 2.

Wagner P 2016, 'Crisis y modernidad' in Tejerina B & Gatti G, ed., 'Pensar la agencia en la crisis', Madrid: CIS.

Wagner P 2016, 'Democracy and capitalism in Brazil, South Africa and Europe', in Rosich G & Wagner P (eds), 'The trouble with democracy', Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.

Wagner P 2016, 'Modernity, capitalism crisis: towards understanding the new great transformation', The Global Policy Journal.

Casassas D & Wagner P (eds) 2016, 'Modernity and capitalism', European Journal of Social Theory, London.

David Casassas and Peter Wagner, Modernity and capitalism: conceptual retrieval and comparative-historical analyses, European Journal of Social Theory, vol. 19 (May 2016), no. 2: 159-171.

Dlamini J, Mota A & Wagner P (eds) 2016, 'Trajectories of modernity: towards a new historical-comparative sociology', special issue of Social Imaginaries, vol. 2, no. 2.

Dlamini, Jacob, Aurea Mota and Peter Wagner, Trajectories of modernity: towards a new historical-comparative sociology - an introduction, in: Social Imaginaries, vol. 2, 2016, no. 2.

Rosich G & Wagner P (eds) 2016, The trouble with democracy: political modernity in the 21st century, Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.

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