Hermann Wagner - Selected publications#

  • Nieder A and Wagner H (1999) Perception and neural coding of subjective contours in the owl. Nature Neuroscience 2: 660-663.
  • Kempter R, Leibold C, Wagner H, van Hemmen JL (2001) Formation of temporal-feature maps by axonal propagation of synpatic learning. PNAS 98: 4166-4171.
  • Wagner H, Mazer JA and von Campenhausen M (2002) Response properties of neurons in the core of the central nucleus of the inferior colliculus of the barn owl. Europ J Neurosci 15: 1343-1352.
  • Wagner H, Güntürkün O and Nieder B (2003) Anatomical markers for the subdivisions of the barn owl's inferior-collicular complex and adjacent peri- and subventricular structures. J. comp. Neurol. 465: 145- 159.
  • Wagner H (2004) A comparison of neural computations underlying stereo vision and sound localization. J. Physiol. (Paris) 98: 135-145.

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