Arkadiusz Wójs - Curriculum Vitae#

Professor of Physics; Dean of Faculty of Fundamentals Problems in Technology; Head of Department of Theoretical Physics.
PhD 1997, Habilitation 2002, Professor title 2009.
MSc and PhD training 1994-1997 at NRC Canada; Postdoc 1997-2000 at Univ. Tennessee; Marie Curie Fellow 2008-2010 at Cambridge.

Research interests:

Quantum condensed matter theory, low dimensional systems, quantum dots, quantum Hall effect, composite fermions, graphene.

Award of Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievement in fundamental research 2011; Rubinowicz Award of Polish Physical Society 2008; Pienkowski Award of Polish Academy of Sciences 2002.

Grants include NCN Maestro (major Polish grant; ca. 1M EUR).


4 books, incl.: Quantum Dots, Springer (1998) and Quantum Hall Systems, Oxford (2003); 171 JCR articles, including: Phys. Reports, Nature Comm., Phys. Rev. Lett. (10), Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev. B (51); Web of Science: 1921 citations (without self, excl. books), h=26; Google Scholar: 4045 citations, h=30; 6 papers & 1 book cited over 100 times.

Over 40 invited lectures.


Discovery that energy levels of self-assembled quantum dots form almost degenerate and equidistant shells of 2D harmonic oscillator (1996); identification of “hidden symmetry” and its manifestation in optical spectra of highly excited quantum dots (1996); prediction of two different bound 2e+h states in two dimensions in magnetic fields: “dark triplet trion” (1995) and “bright triplet trion” (2000); theory of LL mixing in 5/2 FQHE (2010); explanation of spin depolarization of 5/2 FQHE via skyrmions (2010); multi-partite CF theory (2011); understanding of 4/11 FQHE (2014); detection of fractional skyrmions in FQHE (2015).

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