Curriculum Vitae#

Karen Heather VOUSDEN

Catter Cottage, Croftamie, Glasgow G63 0EU

B.Sc (First Class Honors) Genetics and Microbiology, University of London, 1978
Ph.D Genetics, University of London, 1982

Post Doctoral Fellow (with Prof Chris Marshall), Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Institute of Cancer Research, London

Visiting Fellow (with Dr Doug Lowy), Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda

Assistant Member, Head of Human Papillomavirus Group, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Associate Member and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Head of Human Papillomavirus Group, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
1992 - 1995

Section Head, Molecular Carcinogenesis, ABL Basic Research Program, NCI-FCRDC

Laboratory Director, Molecular Virology and Carcinogenesis, ABL Basic Research Program, NCI-FCRDC

Interim Director, ABL Basic Research Program, NCI-FCRDC

Chief, Regulation of Cell Growth Laboratory, NCI-FCRDC

Director, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Tenovus Gold Medal, 1998
NIH Merit Award for Major Contributions to Research, 2001
Tom Connors Award Lecture, BACR, 2003
Wellcome Trust Lecture, BSCB, 2003
Fellow of the Royal Society, 2003
Scotland’s top 25 powerful women 2004
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2004
Member of EMBO, 2004
Honorary DSc, University of London, 2006
Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 2006
The Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Medal, 2008
The Mike Price Lecture, 2008
Honorary DSc, University of Strathclyde, 2008
Keynote lecture MDM2 Meeting 2009
Scottish Woman of the Year (Wisdom) 2009
RSE Royal Medal, 2009
Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences 2009
Commander of the British Empire, 2010
The Almroth-Wright lecture, 2010
Elected to AACR Board of Directors, 2012-2015
7th most influential woman in Scotland, 2012
The Margaret Vogt Lecture, SALK, San Diego, 2012
ECDO Lifetime Achievement Award, 2012

Royal Society of London
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Academy of Medical Sciences
British Society for Cell Biology
EACR (President 2014-2016)

CONSULTANCIES: Igen (2004 – 2005)
Reify (2004 – 2005)
Novartis (2003-present)
Science Advisory Board, Roche, 2007
Johnson and Johnson (2007-2008)
ITI Life Sciences (2008-present)
DiiachiSankyo Pharma (2010-present)

Nature Reviews Cell Biology
Molecular Cell
Cancer Cell
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Cell Death and Differentiation
Cell Cycle
Journal of Cell Science
EMBO Journal
Cancer Discovery
Molecular Cancer Research

MCRI Site Visit Committee, Oxted, England (1995)
IACR Working Group, Lyon, France (1996)
CRC Site Visit Committee, Prof. Sir David Lane, FRS, Scotland (1999)
Search Committee for Director of DBS, NCI (2000)
Ad Hoc Member, NCI Study Section (1998, 2000)
Advisory Committee, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (1999)
CRC Site Visit Advisory, Patterson Institute, England (1999)
Intramural Advisory Board, NCI (2000-2001)
CRC Site Visit Committee, Prof. Wynford-Thomas, Wales (2001)
Van Andel Research Institute Advisory Board (1999-2000)
Keystone Symposia Nominating Committee (1999-2005)
Keystone Symposium Program Committee (1999-2005)
Foundation for Advanced Cancer Studies Board (2000-present)
Breakthrough Cancer Centre Scientific Board (2002- present)
Cancer Research UK Institutes Committee (2002-present)
Cancer Research UK Scientific Executive Board (2002-present)
CNIO (Madrid) Scientific Advisory Board (2004-present)
AACR Task Force on Aging & Cancer (2004-20007)
School of Biological Sciences, University of Cambridge, Scientific
Advisory Board (2005-present)
AACR Lister Prize Committee (2005)
Cancer Research UK Site Visit Committee (2005)
Dundee University Site Visit Committee (2005)
Dundee University Site Visit Committee (2005)
Royal Society Sectional Committee (2003-2006)
InBec-Baillet Latour Prize Committee (2008)
IRB (Barcelona) Scientific Advisory Board (2006-present)
AACR Council of Scientific Advisors (2006-present)
NKI (Amsterdam) Science Advisory Group, (2007-present)
IGMM (Edinburgh) Science Advisory Board (2007-present)
SCILLS advisory board, Dundee (2010-present)
AACR Co-chairperson, 2012 meeting
AACR Co-chairperson, 2013 meeting
Abramson Cancer Center (Philadelphia) SAB (2012-present)

Viruses and Cancer, England, 1989
p53: 20 Years On, Italy, 1999
Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes, USA, 1999
10th International p53 Workshop, USA 2000
Keystone Symposium, USA 2001
MDM2 Workshop, Dundee, Scotland 2001
11th International p53 Workshop, Barcelona, 2002
FEBS-EMBO Advanced Lecture Course, Spetses 2003, 2005, 2009
Keystone Symposium, USA 2003
CNIO meeting, Madrid 2006
MDM2 Workshop, Cape Cod, 2007
14th International p53 Workshop, Shanghai, 2008
James Watson Cancer Symposium, Shangai 2010
Cancer and Metabolism, Edinburgh, 2010
Abcam Cancer Metabolism, Amsterdam, 2013
Pezcoller Meeting, Trento, 2013
MDM2 Worshop, Cambridge, 2013
Keystone Cancer Metabolism meeting, Keystone, 2013

David Wrede, BSc (Cambridge), FRCS 1989-1992
Rachel Davies, BSc (Oxford) 1990-1993
Alan Farthing, BSc (London), MRCOG 1992-1994
Nicola Marston, BSc, MSc (London) 1992-1995
Emma Hickman, BSc (Cambridge) 1993-1996
Natalia Loukachtchouk Msc (Rehovot) 2004-2008
Maren Stindt MSc (Postdam) 2008-2012
Patricia Roxburgh MD (Glasgow) 2008-present
Pearl Lee BSc (Leicester) 2011-present

Caroline Edmonds, PhD (Sussex) 1988-1990
Johnny Morris, PhD (Cambridge) 1990-1993
Tim Crook, PhD (London) 1989-1994
Michael Kubbutat, PhD (Lübeck) 1994-1998
Stewart Bates, PhD (London) 1995-1998
Margaret Ashcroft, PhD (Bristol) 1996-2000
Katz Nakano, MD PhD (Kyoto) 1998-2001
Kevin Ryan, PhD (Glasgow) 1996-2001
Eva Balint, PhD (South Carolina) 1997-2001
Marion Lohrum, PhD (Köln) 1998-2001
Doug Woods, PhD (London) 1999-2001
Andrew Phillips, PhD (Glasgow) 1994-2002
Jesse Smith, PhD (Duke) 2001-2002
Mary Hanlon, PhD (Vandebilt) 2001-2002
Oliver Weber, MD, PhD (Ehrlangen) 2001-2004
Atsushi Tsuruta MD, PhD (Kyoto) 2001-2004
Natalia Kartasheva, PhD (Marburg) 2003-2006
Karen Yee, PhD (Singapore) 2001-2007
Stjepan Ulricht, PhD (Prague) 2002-2007
Henning Horn, PhD (Cincinnati) 2003-2008
Ulrich Cortes, PhD (Lyon) 2004-2008
Karim Bensaad, PhD (Paris) 2003-2009
Stephanie Carter, PhD (Liverpool) 2004-2009
Jan Dudek, PhD (Angers) 2007-2010
Arnaud Vigneron, PhD (Freiburg) 2007-2011
Patricia Muller PhD (Utrecht) 2008-present
Eric Cheung PhD (Ottowa) 2008-present
Andreas Hock PhD (Marburg) 2008-present
Antonio Garcia Trinidad (Valladolid) 2010-present
Oliver Maddocks (Edinburgh) 2010-present
Inbal Mor (Rehovot) 2010-present
Celia Berkers (NKI) 2011-present

Jane Sterling, University of Cambridge 1990
William Pennee, University of Glasgow 1992
Julian Gannon, ICRF 1992
Trevor Littlewood, ICRF 1993
Franco Carlotti, ICRF 1993
Meggi Nikolic, University of Glasgow 1993
Howard Donninger, Capetown Univestity 2000
Sean Downing, University NSW 2001
Emmy Verschuren, University of London 2002
Ian Frew, University of Melbourne 2002
Michela Marani, University of London 2003

FUNDING: Roche Products Limited 1990-1993

CRC (with Prof. J. Peto) 1991-1993

Participant in EC Concerted Action 1991-1994
HPV Immunology
$ 350,000 (total)

Birthright, RGOG 1992-1995

Participant in EC Mobility Fund 1993-1996
$540,000 (total)

Participant in Human Frontiers Award 1996-1999
$960,000 (total)

NCI intramural funding 1997-2002

NIH Molecular Targets Grant 2001-2005

EU Framework 6 Project (INTACT) 2004-2007

CRUK Programme Grant 2003-2008 £3,290,000

EU Framework 6 Project (Active p53) 2005-2009

ECM Fellowship (with Prof G. Evan) 2007-2010

CRUK Programme Grant 2008-2013 £2,330,000

CRUK Cancer Centre Grant 2010-2015

AICR Project Grant 2011-2014

ERC Advanced Grant 2013-2018

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Mechanisms of oncogenesis, tumour suppressor genes, cancer cell metabolism, cell death, p53
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