Reinhilde Veugelers - Selected Publications#

EXCELLENT SCHOLAR: 20 high-level publications in international refereed journals in 2010-2015, including:

Cincera, M, J. Ravet & R. Veugelers, 2015, The sensitivity of R&D investments to cash flows: comparing EU and US world leading innovators by age cohort, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, to appear.
Arts, S. & R. Veugelers, 2015, Technology Familiarity, Recombinant Novelty and Breakthrough Invention, Industry and Corporate Change, to appear.
Della Malva, A., Leten, B., Kelchtermans, S. & R. Veugelers, 2015, Basic Science as a Prescription for Breakthrough Inventions in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Journal of Technology Transfer,40, 670-695.
Colombo, M. Franzoni, C. & R. Veugelers, 2015, Going Radical: Producing and transferring Disruptive Innovation, Journal of Technology Transfer, 40, 663-669.
Veugelers, R. & L. Van Bouwel, 2015. The effects of international mobility on European researchers: comparing intra-EU and US mobility, Research in Higher Education, Volume 56, Issue 4 (2015), Page 360-377.
Cincera, M. & R.Veugelers, 2014. Differences in the rates of return to R&D for European and US Young Leading R&D firms, Research Policy, 43, 1413-142.
Kelchtermans, S. & R. Veugelers, 2013, Top Research Productivity and its Persistency: Gender as a Double-Edged Sword, Review of Economics and Statistics, 95, 1, 273-285.
Cincera, M. & Veugelers, R., 2013, Young Leading Innovators and the EU’s R&D intensity gap, Economics of Innovation and New Technologies, 22,2, 177-198.
Van Bouwel, L. & R. Veugelers, 2013, The determinants of student mobility in Europe: the quality dimension, European Journal of Higher Education, 3, 2, 172-190.
Veugelers, R., 2012, Which policy instruments to induce clean innovations, Research Policy, 1770-1778.
Goedhuys, M. & R. Veugelers, 2012, Technology “make” and “buy” strategies and firm growth: firm level evidence from Brazil, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 23, 4, 518-529.
Veugelers, R., Callaert, X. Song, B.Van Looy, 2012, The participation of universities in technology development: do creation and use coincide? An empirical investigation on the level of national innovation systems, Economics of Innovation and New Technologies, 21, 5-6, 445-472. .
Veugelers, R., 2011, Assessing the potential for knowledge-based development in the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Society and Economy, 3, 475-501.
Cincera, M. & Veugelers, R., 2011. Europe’s Missing Yollies, Reflets et perspectives de la vie économique, vol. 2011(3), 94-105.
Veugelers, R., 2011, Mind the Gap: Europe’s early stage venture capital deficit, Review of Business and Economics, 56, 206-223.
Kelchtermans, S. & R. Veugelers, 2011 The great divide in scientific productivity: why the average scientist does not exist, Industry and Corporate Change, 20, 1, 295-336.
Cassiman, B., R. Veugelers and P. Zuniga, 2010, Diversity of Science Linkages: A Survey of Innovation Performance Effects and Some Evidence from Flemish Firms Economics-Ejournal, 2010-33.
Veugelers, R., 2010. "A post-crisis policy agenda to revive Europe's Schumpeterian growth capacity," Reflets et perspectives de la vie économique, vol. 0(2), 15-24.
Schneider, C. & R. Veugelers, 2010, On Young Highly Innovative Companies: why they matter and how (not) to policy support them, Industry and Corporate Change, 19, 4, 969-1007.


In search of complementarity in innovation strategy: Internal R&D and external knowledge acquisition
B Cassiman, R Veugelers Management science 52 (1), 2006, 68-82; 1278 Google Scholar cites!

R&D cooperation and spillovers: some empirical evidence from Belgium Cassiman, R Veugelers
American Economic Review, 1169-1184, 2002; 1062 Google Scholar cites!

Internal R & D expenditures and external technology sourcing R Veugelers; Research policy 26 (3), 303-315, 1997.
906 Google Scholar cites

Make and buy in innovation strategies: evidence from Belgian manufacturing firms R Veugelers, B Cassiman
Research policy 28 (1), 63-80, 1999; 855 Google Scholar cites

Heterogeneity in R&D cooperation strategies R Belderbos, M Carree, B Diederen, B Lokshin, R Veugelers
International journal of industrial organization 22 (8), 1237-1263, 2004; 559 Google Scholar cites

R&D cooperation between firms and universities. Some empirical evidence from Belgian manufacturing
R Veugelers, B Cassiman International Journal of Industrial Organization 23 (5), 355-379, 2005; 467 Google Scholar cites

The role of academic technology transfer organizations in improving industry science links K Debackere, R Veugelers
Research policy 34 (3), 321-342, 2005; 445 Google Scholar cites

The impact of M&A on the R&D process: An empirical analysis of the role of technological-and market-relatedness
B Cassiman, MG Colombo, P Garrone, R Veugelers Research Policy 34 (2), 195-220; 2005, 302 Google Scholar cites

Technology transfer offices and commercialization of university intellectual property: performance and policy implications
DS Siegel, R Veugelers, M Wright Oxford Review of Economic Policy 23 (4), 640-660; 2007; 208 Google Scholar cites

Foreign subsidiaries as a channel of international technology diffusion: Some direct firm level evidence from Belgium
R Veugelers, B Cassiman, European Economic Review 48 (2), 455-476, 2004; 185 Google Scholar cites
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