Jean-Christophe Verstraete - Selected Publications#


Verstraete, Jean-Christophe & Bruce Rigsby (2015) A Grammar and Lexicon of Yintyingka (Pacific Linguistics 648). Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton. 414 p.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (2007) Rethinking the Coordinate-Subordinate Dichotomy. Interpersonal Grammar and the Analysis of Adverbial Clauses in English (Topics in English Linguistics 55). Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton. 321 p.

Papers (* = shared first authorship):

Louagie*, Dana & Jean-Christophe Verstraete* (2016) Noun phrase constituency in Australian languages: A typological study. Linguistic Typology.

Louagie*, Dana & Jean-Christophe Verstraete* (2015) Personal pronouns with determining functions in Australian languages. Studies in Language 39: 158-197.

Fauconnier*, Stefanie & Jean-Christophe Verstraete* (2014) A and O as each other's mirror image? Problems with markedness reversal. Linguistic Typology 18: 3-49.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (2012) Contact-induced restructuring of pronominal morphosyntax in Umpithamu (Cape York Peninsula, Australia). Diachronica 29: 326-358.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe, Sarah D'Hertefelt & An Van linden (2012) A typology of complement insubordination in Dutch. Studies in Language 36: 123-153.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (2011) Experienced action constructions in Umpithamu: Involuntary experience, from bodily processes to externally instigated actions. Cognitive Linguistics 22: 275-302.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (2011) Impersonal constructions in Umpithamu and the Lamalamic languages. In Andrej Malchukov and Anna Siewierska (eds.) Impersonal Constructions: A Cross-linguistic Perspective. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 601-618.

Verstraete, Jean-Christophe (2010) Animacy and information structure in the system of ergative marking in Umpithamu. Lingua 120: 1637-1651.
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