Herman Verstappen#

At secondary school (Dalton-HBS) in the Hague Herman Th. Verstappen joined the Netherlands Youth Association of Naturalists(NJN)that led him to bird and collect erratics, and made him a real outdoor man keen on walking, swimming, cycling. He later became an enthusiastic mountaineer, climbed in the Alps, two first ascents in the Central Range of West New Guinea (one of which to the eternal snow, 4700m) and all volcanoes in Indonesia above 3000 m.

Herman Verstappen crossing the Digul River, New Guinea on rotan bridge.

Hermann Verstappen in the Tibesti Mountains in Central Sahara
Herman Verstappen in the Tibesti Mountains in Central Sahara.

Star Mountains expedition

Bellow, a few photographs from Prof. Verstappen's expedition to Mt. Juliana (Peak Mandala, 4700m) in the Star Mountains , eastern part of the Central Mountain Range in Papua in 1959. Further details about the Star Mountains expedition can be found at http://www.papua-insects.nl/history/Starmountains%20exp/Starmountains1959.htm


Bivouac at 4000 on Mt Juliana; with moraines of 12,000 BP. In the distance glaciation.


Taking photos while sitting on the icecap of Mt Juliana / Mandala. The glacier has now disappeared as a result of global warming.


Prof. Verstappen's route to the top. The lake at 3250 m and the swamp to the right are ponded up behind the moraines of 12,000 BP.

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Thank you for providing us some insight into your work and life with those very interesting pictures and the story that goes with them!

--Wegner Liane, Sunday, 30. May 2010, 14:41

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