Thierry Andre Louis Verdier - Selected Publications#

Publications (top ten publications over the last ten years):

1) "A Theory of Defensive Skill Biased Innovation and Globalization" (with Mathias Thoenig), American Economic Review, vol. 93, 3, pp. 709-728, 2003.

2) "Religious Intermarriage and Socialization in the US" (with A. Bisin and G. Topa), Journal of Political Economy, vol. 112, pp. 615-665, 2004.

3) "Crime, Location and Beliefs" (with Yves Zenou), International Economic Review, vol. 45, 3, pp. 731-760, 2004.

4) "The Agency Cost of Internal Collusion and Schumpeterian Growth" (with D. Martimort), Review of Economic Studies, October, vol. 71, 4, pp. 1119-1142, 2004

5) "Auctions, Corruption and Unilateral Controls" (with O. Compte and A. Lambert-Mogiliansky), Rand Journal of Economics, vol.36, 1, pp. 1-15, Spring 2005.

6) "Market Power Inside the Firm and the Market" (with D. Marin), Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 6, 4, pp. 752-788, 2008.

7) "Globalization and the Dynamics of Cultural Identity" (with J.Olivier and M. Thoenig), Journal of International Economics, vol. 76, 2, pp. 139-416, 2008.

8) "Financial Globalization and the Governance of Domestic Financial Intermediaries" (with Thierry Tressel), Journal of the European Economic Association, January 2011.

9) "Globalization and Human Capital Empowerment" (with D. Marin), Journal of International Economics, 86, (2), pp. 209-223, 2012.

10) The Determinants of Intra-firm Trade" (with G. Corcos, D. Irac, and G. Mion), Review of Economics and Statistics, 2012, Forthcoming.
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