Imre Vass - Publications#

Over 150 papers in peer reviewed international journals.
6336 citations (5618 independent) according to WOS, 7940 total citations (according to Google Scholar).
Best cited paper with 430 citations, plus 15 papers over 100 citations
H index 44 (according WOS), or 50 (according to Google Scholar)

Major publications:

Vass, I. (2012) Molecular mechanisms of photodamage in the Photosystem II complex, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1817: 209-217
89 citations (Google scholar)

Vass, I. and Cser, K. (2009) Janus-faced charge recombinations in photosystem II photoinhibition. Trends Plant Sci. 14: 200-205
97 citations (Google scholar)

Cser, K. and Vass, I. (2007) Radiative and non-radiative charge recombination pathways in Photosystem II studied by thermoluminescence and chlorophyll fluorescence in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis 6803. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1767, 233-243
78 citations (Google scholar)

Wilson, A., Ajlani, G., Verbavatz, J.-M., Vass, I. Kerfeld, C. A. and Kirilovsky, D. (2006). A soluble carotenoid protein involved in phycobilisome-related energy dissipation in cyanobacteria. Plant Cell, 18, 992-1007
226 citations (Google scholar)

Hideg, É., Kálai, T., Hideg, K. and Vass, I. (1998) “Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in vivo results in singlet oxygen production. Detection via nitroxide induced fluorescence quenching in broad bean leaves” Biochemistry, 37, 11405-11411
179 citations (Google scholar)

Vass, I. , Sass, L., Spetea, C., Bakou, A., Ghanotakis, D.F. and Petrouleas, V. (1996) "UV-B induced inhibition of photosystem II electron transport studies by EPR and chlorophyll fluorescence. Impairment of donor and acceptor side components" Biochemistry 35, 8964-8973
132 citations (Google scholar)

Hideg, É. and Vass, I. (1996) "UV-B induced free radical production in plant leaves and isolated thylakoid membranes" Plant Sci. 115, 251-260
184 citations (Google scholar)

Vass, I., Styring, S., Hundal, T., Koivuniemi, A., Aro, E.-M, and Andersson, B.(1992) "Reversible and irreversible intermediates during photoinhibition of photosystem II: Stable reduced QA species promote chlorophyll triplet formation, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 89, 1408-1412
430 citations (Google scholar)

Vass, I. and Styring, S. (1991) "pH-dependent charge equilibria between tyrosine-D and the S-states in photosystem II. Estimation of relative midpoint potentials" Biochemistry, 30, 830-839
229 citations (Google scholar)

Svensson, B., Vass, I., Cedergren, E. and Styring, S. (1990) "Structure of donor-side components in photosystem II predicted by computer modeling" EMBO J. 9, 2051-2059
179 citations (Google scholar)
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