Wim Vanduffel - Selected Publications#

H-index: 48; > 9500 citations (Google Scholar)

Li, X., Zhu, Q., Janssens, T., Arsenault, J., Vanduffel, W. (2018). In-vivo identification of thick, thin and pale stripes of macaque area V2 using sub-millimeter resolution (f)MRI at 3 Tesla. Cerebral Cortex

Arsenault, J., Rima, S., Stemmann, H., Vanduffel, W. (2014). Role of the Primate Ventral Tegmental Area in Reinforcement and Motivation. Current Biology, 24 (12), 1347-1353

Vanduffel, W., Zhu, Q., Orban, G. (2014). Monkey Cortex through fMRI Glasses. Neuron, 83 (3), 533-550

Mantini, D., Corbetta, M., Romani, G., Orban, G., Vanduffel, W. (2013). Evolutionarily Novel Functional Networks in the Human Brain?. Journal of Neuroscience, 33 (8), 3259-3275

Arsenault, J., Nelissen, K., Jarraya, B., Vanduffel, W. (2013). Dopaminergic reward signals selectively decrease fMRI activity in primate visual cortex. Neuron, 77 (6), 1174-1186

Roe, A., Chelazzi, L., Connor, C., Conway, B., Fujita, I., Gallant, J., Lu, H., Vanduffel, W. (2012). Towards a unified theory of visual area V4. Neuron, 74 (1), 12-29

Gerits, A., Farivar, R., Rosen, B., Wald, L., Boyden, E., Vanduffel, W. (2012). Optogenetically Induced Behavioral and Functional Network Changes in Primates. Current Biology, 22 (18), 1722-1726

Mantini, D., Hasson, U., Betti, V., Perrucci, M., Romani, G., Corbetta, M., Orban, G., Vanduffel, W. (2012). Interspecies activity correlations reveal functional correspondences between monkey and human brain areas. Nature Methods, 9 (3), 277-282

Ekstrom, L., Roelfsema, P., Arsenault, J., Bonmassar, G., Vanduffel, W. (2008). Bottom-up dependent gating of frontal signals in early visual cortex. Science, 321 (5887), 414-417

Vanduffel, W., Fize, D., Peuskens, H., Denys, K., Sunaert, S., Todd, J., Orban, G. (2002). Extracting 3D from motion: differences in human and monkey intraparietal cortex. Science, 298 (5592), 413-5

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