Dirk Van Hulle - Selected Publications#

Only authored/co-authored monographs and edited works:

2016 ed. (with Ronan Crowley) New Quotatoes: Joycean Exogenesis in the Digital Age, Brill.
2015 The Making of Samuel Beckett's 'Krapp's Last Tape' / 'La Dernière Bande', Bloomsbury.
2015 ed. The New Cambridge Companion to Samuel Beckett, Cambidge UP.
2014 (with Shane Weller) The Making of Samuel Beckett's 'L'Innommable' / 'The Unnamable', Bloomsbury.
2014 Modern Manuscripts: The Extended Mind and Creative Undoing, Bloomsbury.
2013 (with Mark Nixon) Samuel Beckett’s Library, Cambridge UP.
2011 The Making of Samuel Beckett's 'Stirrings Still', 'Comment dire' / 'what is the word', ASP/UPA.
2010 De kladbewaarders, Vantilt.
2009 ed. Samuel Beckett: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, Worstward Ho, Stirrings Still, Faber and Faber.
2008 Manuscript Genetics, Joyce’s Know-How, Beckett’s Nohow, University of Florida Press.
2008 (with Joep Leerssen) Editing the nation's memory: textual scholarship and nation-building, Rodopi.
2007 De kladbewaarders, Vantilt.
2004 Textual Awareness: A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust and Mann, Bloomsbury.
2004 ed. (with Wim Van Mierlo) Reading Notes, Rodopi.
2002 ed. James Joyce: the Study of Languages, PIE-Lang


2016 (with Mike Kestemont) Periodizing Samuel Beckett's Works: A Stylochrnometric Approach, in: Style 50.2 (June 2016), p. 172-202
2015 (with Peter Shillingsburg) Orientations to Text, Revisited, in: Studies in Bibliography 59 (2015), p. 27-44.
2014 (with Ronald Haentjens Dekker Ronald, Gregor Middell, Vincen Neyt Vincent, Joris van Zundert) Computer-supported collation of modern manuscripts: CollateX and the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project, in: Literary and linguistic computing (2014), p. 1-19.
2013 (with Lars Bernaerts) Narrative across versions: narratology meets genetic criticism, in: Poetics Today 34:3 (2013), p. 281-326.
2012 La genèse de L’Innommable: essai de critique génétique postcognitiviste, in: Littérature 167 (2012), p. 65-77.
2011 Valéry's Serpent and the Wake's genesis : toward a digital library of James Joyce, in: James Joyce Quarterly 47:3 (2011), p. 427-444.
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