Vito Turk - Selected publications#

  • The cystatins: protein inhibitors of cysteine proteinases (soavtor W. Bode), FEBS lett., 1991, vol. 285, str. 213–219;
  • The 2.0 A X-ray crystal structure of chicken egg white cystatin and its possible mode of interaction with cysteine proteinases (soavtorji W. Bode, R. A. Engh, D. Musil, U. Thiele, R. Huber, A. Karshikov, J. Brzin, J. Kos), EMBO j., 1988, vol. 7, str. 2593–2599;
  • The refined 2.4. A X-ray crystal structure of recombinat human stefin B in complex with the cysteine proteinase papain a novel type of proteinase inhibitor interaction (soavtorji M. T. Stubbs, B. Laber, W. Bode, R. Huber, R. Jerala, B. Lenarčič, EMBO j., 1990, vol. 9, str. 1939–1947;
  • Lysosomal cysteine proteases: facts and opportunities (soavtorja B. Turk, D. Turk), EMBO j., 2001, vol. 20, str. 4629–4633;
  • Major histocompatibility complex class II-associated p41 invariant chain fragment is a strong inhibitor of lysosomal cathepsin L (soavtorji T. Bevec, V. Stoka, G. Pungerčič, I. Dolenc), J. exp. med., 1996, vol. 183, str. 1331–1338;
  • Cysteine cathepsins (proteases) – on the main stage of cancer? (soavtorja J. Kos, B. Turk), Cancer cell, 2004, vol. 5, str. 409–410;
  • Cystatins: biochemical and structural properties, and medical relevance (soavtorja V. Stoka, D. Turk), Front. biosci., 2008, vol. 13, str. 5406–5420;
  • Phylogenomic analysis of the cystatin superfamily in eukaryotes and prokaryotes (soavtor D. Kordiš), BMC Evol Biol, 2009, vol. 9:266.

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