Marius Turda - Selected Publications#


1. Historicizing Race (London, 2018) [co-author]] (translated into Romanian as Istorie si rasism. Ideea de rasa de la Iluminism la Donald Trump, 2019)

2. Latin Eugenics in Comparative Perspective (London, 2015) [co-author]]

3. Eugenics and Nation in Early Twentieth Century Hungary (Basingstoke, 2015) (translated into Romanian as "Razboiul sfant" al rasei: Eugenie si protectia natiunii in Ungaria, 1900-1919, 2020)

4. Modernism and Eugenics (Basingstoke, 2010) (translated into French as Modernisme et eugénisme, 2011; translated into Romanian as Eugenism şi modernitate: Natiune, rasa şi biopolitica în Europa, 1860-1945, 2014)

5. The Idea of National Superiority in Central Europe, 1880-1918 (New York, 2005) (translated into Romanian as Ideea de superioritatea nationala în Imperiul Austro-Ungar, 2015)

Edited Volumes

1. Teleology and Modernity (Oxford, 2019) [co-editor]

2. Religion, Evolution and Heredity (Cardiff, 2018) [sole editor]

3. The History of Eugenics in East-Central Europe, 1900-1944: Texts and Commentaries (London, 2015; 2017) [sole editor]

4. Anti-Modernism: Radical Revisions of Collective Identity (Budapest, 2014) [co-editor]

5. Crafting Humans: From Genesis to Eugenics and beyond (Göttingen, 2012) [sole editor]

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