Thomas Tufte - Publications#

Tufte's publication list encompasses 17 (co-) authored and (co-)edited books, more than 35 peer-reviewed journal articles and 60 peer-reviewed book chapters.

Key publications since 2007:

Tufte, T. (2017). Communication and Social Change A Citizen Perspective. Cambridge, Polity. Trans. into Spanish and Portuguese.

Obregón, R., & Tufte, T. (2017). ‘Communication, Social Movements, and Collective Action: Toward a New Research Agenda in Communication for Development and Social Change’. J. of Communication, 67(5), 635-45.

Hemer, O., & Tufte, T. (Eds.) (2016). Voice Matter: Communication, Development and the Cultural Return, Gothenburg: Nordicom.

Tufte, T. (2015). Comunicación, Participación y Empoderamiento en Procesos Globales de Cambio [Communication, Participation and Empowerment in Global Change Processes]]. Barcelona: Icária, Antrazyt Collections.

Hansen, A.H., Hemer, O., & Tufte, T. (Eds.) (2015.) Memory on Trial: Media, Citizenship and Social Justice. Berlin: LIT Verlag.

Wilkins, K., Tufte, T., & Obregon, R. (Eds.) (2014). Handbook in Development Communication and Social Change. Blackwell Wiley. Trans. into Greek.

Tufte, T. (2012). Communication and Public Health in a Glocalized Context: Achievements and Challenges. In R. Obregon & S. Waisbord (Eds.), The Handbook of Global Health Communication (pp. 608-22). Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell .

Tufte, T., Wildermuth, N., Hansen-Skovmoes A., & Mitullah, W. (Eds.) (2012). People Speaking Back? Media, Empowerment and Civic Engagement of African Youth. The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media Yearbook 2012. Gothenburg: NORDICOM.

Peruzzo, C. K., Tufte, T., & Casanova, J.V. (Eds.) (2011). Trazos de una otra Comunicación en América Latina: Practicas comunitárias, teorías y demandas sociales. ALAIC y Ediciones Uninorte, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Tufte, T. (2007). Soap operas y construcción de sentido: Mediaciones y etnografía de la audiencia, Comunicacion y Sociedad, 8, 89-112.

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