Charles Townes - Selected Publications#

W. C. Danchi, M. Bester, C. G. Degiacomi, L. J. Greenhill, and C. H. Townes, “Characteristics of dust shells around thirteen late-type stars,” AJ 107, 1469 (1994).

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J. Weiner, D. Hale, C. H. Townes, “The Variability of Late-Type Stars Diameters Measured Using Mid-Infrared Interferometry”, “Interferometry for Optical Astronomy II”, Conferences, August 22-28, 2002, Waikolea, Hawaii, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol 4838. 172-180, 2003

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S. Tevousjan, J. Weiner, K. S. Abdeli, D. D. S. Hale, C. H. Townes, “Mid-Infrared Interferometry on Dust Shells around 4 Late Type Stars”, ApJ, Vol 611, 466 (2004)

J. Weiner, K. Tatebe, D. D. S. Hale, C. H. Townes, J. Monnier, M. Ireland, P. Tuthill, R. Cohen, R. K. Barry, J. Rajagopol, W. C. Danchi, “The Asymmetrical Dust Environment of IK Tau”, Ap.J. 636-1067 (2006)

K. Tatebe, A.A. Chandler, D.D.S. Hale, and C.H. Townes, “Characteristication of Dust Shell Dynamics and Asymmetry for 6 Mira-Type Stars, ApJ. 652, 666 (2006)

K. Tatebe, D.D.S. Hale, E.H. Wishnow, and C.H. Townes, Observation of a Burst of High-Velocity Dust from - Herculis, ApJ. Letters April, 2007

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