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Fluid inclusions in rocks: #

Bubbles in Amsterdam: melt and fluid inclusion research at the Vrije Universiteit. Two pictures (below) and an interesting exposition as PDF File(info). The following pictures and paragraphs are taken form this essay.

Jacques Touret
Jacques Touret joined the Vrije Universiteit in 1980, as a full professor in petrology, mineralogy and ore geology, freshly imported from France. He quickly established a fluid inclusion research lab, which became a reference for this type of research. Jacques’s fluid inclusions students came from many countries and have taken their expertise to many countries: Germany (Fons van den Kerkhof), Italy (Maria Luce Frezotti), South Africa (Jan Marten Huizenga), China (Bin Fu and Cong Yuexiang) and soon Chili (Eduardo Campos). Other Ph.D. students have also spread the news about Amsterdam, for instance in Indonesia (Jan Sopaheluwakan) and Zimbabwe (Hielke Jelsma, now in South Africa). Ernst Burke - the Belgian mineralogist, Raman probe specialist and head of the Microanalysis lab at the VU earth science department - and his coworker Wim Lustenhouwer must be mentioned as well in this respect. Their role was and continues to be essential. Ernst, Wim and their colleagues enable top-notch quality analysis of inclusions.

A. General view of the Vernadsky-Institute type high-temperature set-up with controlled He atmosphere and video display at the VU.
B. Detail of the high-temperature heating stage at the VU (up to 1500 degrees C).
C. General view of the heating/quenching element of the Vernadsky stage at the VU; arrow indicates the position of the melt inclusion. The quenching time is 1-2 seconds.

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