Joaquín Tintore Subirana - Selected Publications#

1. Pascual A., Ruiz S., Olita A., Troupin C., Claret M., Casas B., Mourre B., Poulain P.M., Tovar-Sanchez A., Capet A., Mason E., Allen J., T., Mahadevan A., Tintoré J.: A Multiplatform Experiment to Unravel Meso- and Submesoscale Processes in an Intense Front (AlborEx). Frontiers in Marine Science, Vol. 4., pp39- 2017.

2. Juza, M., B. Mourre, l. Renault, S. Gómara, K. Sebastián, S. Lora, J.P. Beltran, B. Frontera, B. Garau, C. Troupin, M. Torner, E. Heslop, B. Casas, R. Escudier, G. Vizoso, and J. Tintoré: SOCIB operational ocean forecasting system and multi-platform validation in the western Mediterranean Sea, J. Operat. Oceanogr., Vol. 9., pp 155-166. 2016. DOI:10.1080/1755876X.2015.1117764.

3. Cotroneo, Y.; G. Aulicino; S. Ruiz; A. Pascual; G. Budillon; G. Fusco., J. Tintoré: Glider and satellite high resolution monitoring of a mesoscale eddy in the Algerian basin: effects on the mixed layer depth and biochemistry. J. Marine Syst., 162, 73-88. 2016.

4. Malanotte-Rizzoli, P., V Artale, GL Borzelli-Eusebi… J. Tintoré, G. Triantafyllou. Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea: a review of unresolved issues and directions for future research. Ocean Science, 10 (3.) pp. 281-322. 2014. doi:10.5194/os-10-281-2014 .

5. Tintoré, J., G. Vizoso, B. Casas, S. Ruiz, E. Heslop, L. Renault, T. Oguz, B. Garau, A. Pascual, M. Martínez-Ledesma, L. Gómez-Pujol, A. Álvarez-Ellacuría, A. Orfila, F. Alemany, D. Álvarez-Berastegui, P. Reglero, E. Massuti, P. Vélez-Belchí, J. Ruiz, M. Gómez, E. Álvarez, M. Manriquez. SOCIB; the Balearic Islands Observing and Forecasting System responding to science, technologyand society needs. Marine Tech Soc. J. Vol 47, N. 1 pp 101-117. 2013.

6. Diedrich A, F. Navinés, J. Tintoré. Balancing science and society through establishing indicators for integrated coastal zone Management in the Balearic Islands. Marine Policy 34, 772–781. 2010. doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2010.01.017.

7. Tintoré, J., Medina, R., Gómez-Pujol, L., Orfila, A., Vizoso, G. Integrated and Interdisciplinary scientific approach to sustainable coastal management. Ocean and Coastal Management 52, 493-505. 2009. doi 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2009.08.002.

8. Rodríguez, J., J. Tintoré, J. T. Allen, J. Blanco, D. Gomis, A. Reul, J. Ruiz, V. Rodríguez, F. Echevarría, F. Jiménez-Gómez. Mesoscale vertical motion and the size structure of phytoplankton in the ocean. Nature 410, p. 360-363. 2001

9. Tintoré, J., D. Gomis, S. Alonso, G. Parrilla. Mesoscale dynamics and vertical motion in the Alborán sea. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 21 (6) pp 811-823. 1991.

10. Tintoré, J., P. E. La Violette, I. Bladé, A. Cruzado. A study of an intense density front in the Eastern Alboran Sea: The Almeria-Oran front. J.Phys. Oceanogr., 18 (10) pp.1384-1397. 1988.

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