Marianne Thoresen - Recent publications#

  • Jary, SL, Thoresen, M & Luyt, K 2014, ‘Neonatal Seizures: Magnetic Resonance Imaging adds value in the diagnosis and prediction of neurodisability’. Acta Paediatrica.
  • Osredkar, D, Thoresen, M, Maes, E, Flatebø, T, Elstad, M & Sabir, H 2014, ‘Hypothermia is not neuroprotective after infection-sensitized neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury’. Resuscitation.
  • Smit, E & Thoresen, M 2014, ‘Xenon as a neuroprotective treatment in neonatal encephalopathy’. Infant, vol 10.
  • Chakkarapani, E, Dingley, J, Aquilina, K, Osredkar, D, Liu, X & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Effects of xenon and hypothermia on cerebrovascular pressure reactivity in newborn global hypoxic-ischemic pig model’. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, vol 33., pp. 1-9
  • Sabir, H, Bishop, S, Cohen, N, Maes, E, Liu, X, Dingley, J & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Neither Xenon nor Fentanyl Induces Neuroapoptosis in the Newborn Pig Brain’. Anesthesiology.
  • Field, D, Juszczak, E, Linsell, L, Azzopardi, D, Cowan, F, Marlow, N, Edwards, D, & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Neonatal ECMO study of temperature (NEST): a randomized controlled trial’. Pediatrics, vol 132., pp. e1247-56
  • Thoresen, M, Tooley, J, Liu, X, Jary, S, Fleming, P, Luyt, K, Jain, A, Cairns, P, Harding, D & Sabir, H 2013, ‘Time Is Brain: Starting Therapeutic Hypothermia within Three Hours after Birth Improves Motor Outcome in Asphyxiated Newborns’. Neonatology, vol 104., pp. 228-233
  • Jary, SL, Whitelaw, AGL, Walloe, L & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Comparison of Bayley-2 and Bayley-3 scores at 18 months in term infants following neonatal encephalopathy and therapeutic hypothermia’. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.
  • Liu, X, Chakkarapani, E, Stone, J & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Effect of cardiac compressions and hypothermia treatment on cardiac troponin I in newborns with perinatal asphyxia’. Resuscitation.
  • Smit, E, Liu, X, Gill, H, Sabir, H, Jary, SL & Thoresen, M 2013, ‘Factors associated with permanent hearing impairment in infants undergoing therapeutic hypothermia’. The Journal of Pediatrics.

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