Hywel Rhys Thomas - Publications#

The following list has been selected to demonstrate i) the range of work published in the last 5 years, together with ii) a few earlier publications that have contributed towards the international recognition of the candidate. The resulting list contains three papers within the latter category, papers 1,2 and 3, with the remaining seven in the former.

1. Thomas, H R and He, Y, 1998, "Modelling the behaviour of unsaturated soil using an elasto plastic constitutive relationship". Geotechnique, 48, pp589-603.

2. Thomas, H.R., Cleall, P.J., Chandler, N, Dixon, D and Mitchell, H.P. 2003, “Water infiltration into a large scale in-situ experiment in an underground research laboratory – physical measurements and numerical simulation.” Geotechnique, 53(2), pp207-224.

3. Cleall P J, Melhuish T A and Thomas HR, 2006, “Modelling of the three-dimensional behaviour of a prototype nuclear waste repository”, Engineering Geology, 85, pp212-220.

4. Cleall PJ, Seetharam S C and Thomas H R, 2007, “On the inclusion of some aspects of chemical behaviour of an unsaturated soil in thermo/hydro/mechanical models: Part 1, Model development” American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 133(3), pp338-347.

5. Seetharam, S C, Thomas, H R and Cleall, P, 2007, “Coupled thermo/hydro/chemical/mechanical model for unsaturated soils - numerical algorithm”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol 70, No 12, pp1490-1511.

6. Thomas H R, Cleall P J, Dixon D and Mitchell H, 2009, “The coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical behaviour of a large scale in-situ heating experiment”, Geotechnique, 59(4), pp401-413.

7.Thomas, H R, Cleall, P J, Li, Y C, Harris, C and Kern-Leutesch, M, 2009, “Modelling of cryogenic processes in permafrost and seasonally frozen soils”, Geotechnique, 59(3), pp173-184 .

8. Thomas H R, Seetharam S C and Vardon P J, 2011, “On the inclusion of some biological impacts and influences in coupled transport phenomena in unsaturated soil”. Journal of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 29, pp181-191.

9. Seetharam S C, Thomas H R and Vardon P J, 2011, “Non-isothermal multi-component reactive transport model for unsaturated soil.”, ASCE International Journal of Geomechanics, 11(2), pp84-89.

10. Thomas, H R, Sedighi, M and Vardon, P J, 2012, “Diffusive Reactive Transport of Multicomponent Chemicals under Coupled Thermal, Hydraulic, Chemical and Mechanical. Conditions”. Journal of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Published online at DOI 10.1007/s10706-012-9502-9
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