Nicolas Thomä - Selected publications#

Structure of the DDB1-CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase in complex with thalidomide.
Fischer, E et al (NH Thoma last and contributing author).
Nature, 2014, in press.

Structural and mechanistic insight into Holliday-junction dissolution by Topoisomerase IIIα and RMI1.
Bocquet N, Bizard AH, Abdulrahman W, Larsen NB, Faty M, Cavadini S, Bunker RD, Kowalczykowski SC, Cejka P, Hickson ID, Thomä NH. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2014 Mar;21(3):261-8.

Rif1 and Rif2 shape telomere function and architecture through multivalent Rap1 interactions.
Shi T, Bunker RD, Mattarocci S, Ribeyre C, Faty M, Gut H, Scrima A, Rass U, Rubin SM, Shore D, Thomä NH.
Cell. 2013 Jun 6;153(6):1340-53.

The molecular basis of CRL4DDB2/CSA ubiquitin ligase architecture, targeting, and activation.
Fischer ES, Scrima A, Böhm K, Matsumoto S, Lingaraju GM, Faty M, Yasuda T, Cavadini S, Wakasugi M, Hanaoka F, Iwai S, Gut H, Sugasawa K, Thomä NH.
Cell. 2011 Nov 23;147(5):1024-39.

Histone methylation by PRC2 is inhibited by active chromatin marks.
Schmitges FW, Prusty AB, Faty M, Stützer A, Lingaraju GM, Aiwazian J, Sack R, Hess D, Li L, Zhou S, Bunker RD, Wirth U, Bouwmeester T, Bauer A, Ly-Hartig N, Zhao K, Chan H, Gu J, Gut H, Fischle W, Müller J, Thomä NH.
Mol Cell. 2011 May 6;42(3):330-41.

Structural basis of UV DNA-damage recognition by the DDB1-DDB2 complex.
Scrima A, Konícková R, Czyzewski BK, Kawasaki Y, Jeffrey PD, Groisman R, Nakatani Y, Iwai S, Pavletich NP, Thomä NH.
Cell. 2008 Dec 26;135(7):1213-23.

Structure of the SWI2/SNF2 chromatin-remodeling domain of eukaryotic Rad54.
Thomä NH, Czyzewski BK, Alexeev AA, Mazin AV, Kowalczykowski SC, Pavletich NP.
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2005 Apr;12(4):350-6.

BRCA2 function in DNA binding and recombination from a BRCA2-DSS1-ssDNA structure.
Yang H, Jeffrey PD, Miller J, Kinnucan E, Sun Y, Thoma NH, Zheng N, Chen PL, Lee WH, Pavletich NP.
Science. 2002 Sep 13;297(5588):1837-48.
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