John Tasioulas - Selected publications#

1. Co-editor (with S. Besson), The Philosophy of International Law (OUP, 2010).

2. 'The Moral Reality of Human Rights', in T. Pogge (ed.), Freedom from Poverty as a
Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor? (OUP, 2007), pp.75-101.

Spanish translation 'La Realidad Moral de los Derechos Humanos', Anuario de Derechos
Humanos 4 (2008), pp.41-67 (one of two foreign
publications chosen in each for publication in the journal).

3. 'The Legitimacy of International Law', in S. Besson and J. Tasioulas (eds.), The
Philosophy of International Law (OUP, 2010), pp.97-116.

4. ‘Taking Rights out of Human Rights’, Ethics 120 (July 2010), pp.647-678.

To be reprinted in R. Crisp (ed.), Griffin on Human Rights (OUP, 2013).

5. ‘Where is the Love? The Topography of Mercy’, in R. Cruft, M.H. Kramer and M. Reiff
(eds), Crime, Punishment and Responsibility: The Jurisprudence of Antony Duff (OUP,
2011), pp.37-53.

6. ‘On the Nature of Human Rights’ in G. Ernst and J-C Heilinger (eds.), The Philosophy of
Human Rights: Contemporary Controversies (de Gruyter, 2012), pp.17-59.

7. ‘Towards a Philosophy of Human Rights’, Current Legal Problems 65 (2012), pp.1-30.

8. ‘Justice, Equality, and Rights’, in R. Crisp (ed.), Oxford Handbook of the History of
Ethics (OUP, 2013), pp.768-792.

9. ‘Human Rights, Legitimacy, and International Law’ (Natural Law Lecture, Notre Dame
Law School, April 3rd, 2012), to be published in American Journal of Jurisprudence 61
(2013), pp.1-32.

10. ‘Human Dignity and the Foundations of Human Rights’, in C. McCrudden (ed.),
Understanding Human Dignity (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2013). (8,500
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