Bilad Tanatar - Selected publications#

1) B. TANATAR and D.M. Ceperley, “Ground state of the two-dimensional electron gas”, Physical Review B, 39, 5005 (1989). [cited 740 times]]
2) S.T. Chui and B. TANATAR, “Impurity effect on the two-dimensional electron fluid-solid transition in zero field”, Physical Review Letters, 74, 458 (1995). [cited 94 times]
3) M. Bayindir and B. TANATAR, “Bose-Einstein condensation in a two-dimensional, trapped, interacting gas”, Physical Review A, 58, 3134 (1998). [cited 33 times]
4) C. Bulutay and B. TANATAR, “Spin dependent analysis of the two-dimensional electron liquids”, Physical Review B, 65, 195116 (2002). [cited 20 times]
5) B. TANATAR, A. Minguzzi, P. Vignolo, and M.P. Tosi, “Density profile of a Bose-Einstein condensate inside a pancake-shaped trap: observational consequences of the dimensional cross-over in the scattering properties”, Physics Letters A, 302, 131 (2002). [cited 18 times]
6) V. Moldoveanu, M. Tolea, A. Aldea, and B. TANATAR, “Resonant and coherent transport through Aharanov-Bohm interferometers with coupled quantum dots”, Physical Review B, 71, 125338 (2005). [cited 17 times]
7) R. Asgari and B. TANATAR, “Many-body effective mass and spin susceptibility in a quasi-two-dimensional electron liquid”, Physical Review B, 74, 075301 (2006). [cited 18 times]
8) M. O. Oktel, M. Nita, and B. TANATAR, “Mean-field theory for Bose-Hubbard model under a magnetic field”, Physical Review B, 75, 045133 (2007). [cited 27 times]]
9) S.H. Abedinpour, M. Polini, A.H. MacDonald, B. TANATAR, M.P. Tosi, and G. Vignale, “Theory of the pseudospin resonance in semiconductor bilayers”, Physical Review Letters, 99, 206802 (2007). [cited 10 times]
10) A. L. Subasi, P. Pieri, G. Senatore, and B. TANATAR, “Stability of Sarma phases in density imbalanced electron-hole bilayer systems”, Physical Review B, 81, 075436 (2010). [cited 3 times]

A total of 175 refereedjournal articles, plus book chapters, conference proceedings and technical reports (see CV attached)
Web of Knowledge citations: 1690, H-index: 14, G-index: 35
Google Scholar citations: 1869, H-index: 16, i10- index: 33

Ranked within top 10% by Physics Author Rank Algorithm (1988-2004)

Praise to B. Tanatar's work on Wigner crystallization:
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