Eitan Tadmor - Selected Publications#

1 E. Tadmor, Convergence of spectral methods for nonlinear conservation laws, SIAM J. Numerical Analysis 26 (1989) 30-44.
Here we introduced the Spectral Viscosity (SV) method as a systematic approach for treating shock discontinuities in spectral calculations (cited 459).

2 H. Nessyahu and E. Tadmor, Non-oscillatory central differencing for hyperbolic conservation laws, J. of Computational Physics 87 (1990) 408-463.
This paper introduced the Nessyahu-Tadmor (NT) scheme - the forerunner for the class of high-resolution "central schemes" (cited 1508).

3 P.-L. Lions, B. Perthame and E. Tadmor, A kinetic formulation of multidimensional scalar conservation laws and related equations, J. American Math. Society 7 (1994) 169-191 (cited 581).

4 S. Gottlieb, C.-W. Shu and E. Tadmor, High order time discretization methods with the strong stability property, SIAM Review 43 (2001) 89-112.
We construct, analyze and implement the class of strong stability-preserving (SSP) high-order time discretizations (cited 2225).

5 E. Tadmor, Entropy stability theory for difference approximations of nonlinear conservation laws and related time dependent problems, Acta Numerica 12 (2003), 451-512.
The paper provides a state-of-the-art summary for the body of works during 1987-2007 on the topic of entropy stability (cited 456).

6 E. Tadmor, S. Nezzar and L. Vese, A multiscale image representation using hierarchical (BV, L^2) decompositions, Multiscale Modeling & Simulation 2 (2004) 554-579.
The paper introduces a novel hierarchical decomposition of images, the forerunner of recently developed iteration methods in image processing (cited 244).

7 E. Tadmor and Terence Tao, Velocity averaging, Kinetic formulations and regularizing effects in quasi-linear PDEs, Communications Pure & Applied Mathematics 60 (2007), 1488-1521 (cited 67)

8 S. Motsch and E. Tadmor, New model for self-organized dynamics and its flocking behavior, J. Statistical Physics, 144 (2014), 923-947.
The paper introduced the Mostch-Tadmor model (cited 400).

9 U. Fjordholm, R, Kappeli S. Mishra and E. Tadmor, Construction of approximate entropy measure valued solutions for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Foundations on Computational Mathematics 17 (2017), 763-827.
We present the first detailed numerical procedure which constructs stable approximations to entropy measure valued solutions and provide sufficient conditions of entropic convergence (cited 114).

10 R. Shvydkoy and E. Tadmor, Topologically-based fractional diffusion and emergent dynamics with short-range interactions. SIMA 52(6) (2020) 5792-5839.
We introduce a new class of models for emergent dynamics based on short-range kernels adapted to topological neighborhoods, and prove flocking behavior via an application of a De Giorgi-type method (cited 18).

Current bibliometric information:

Google Scholar: H-index 69, i10-index 156, citations 20,438
Since 2017: H-index 38, i10-index 103, citations 7,280
MathSciNet: 7,248 citations by 4,054 authors

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