Guido Tabellini - Publications#

English articles

Social capital and political accountability, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming (with T. Nannicini, A. Stella and U. Troiano)

Does information increase political support for pension reform? Public Choice, 2012 (with T. Boeri)

Italians are late: does it matter?, in. J. Shoven ed., Demography and the Economy, proceedings of NBER conference, Chicago University Press, November 2010 (with F. Billari)

Culture and institutions: economic development in the regions of Europe, Journal of the European Economic Association, June 2010

Cultural and institutional bifurcations: China and Europe compared, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2010 (with. A. Greif)

Democratic capital: the nexus of political and economic change, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, July 2009 (with T. Persson)

The scope of cooperation: values and incentives, Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2008

Institutions and culture, Presidential Lecture, Journal of the European Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, April 2008

Why is fiscal policy often procyclical ? Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008 (with A. Alesina and F. Campante)

Bureaucrats or politicians? Part II: multiple tasks, Journal of Public Economics, 2008 (with A. Alesina)

The growth effect of democracy: is it heterogeneous and how can it be estimated?, in: Helpman, E. ed., Institutions and Economic Performance, Harvard University Press, 2008 (with T. Persson)

How do electoral rules shape party structures, government coalitions and economic policies?, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2007 (with T. Persson and G. Roland)

Bureaucrats or politicians? Part I: a single task, American Economic Review, March 2007 (with A. Alesina), reprinted in: D. Masciandaro and M. Quyntin eds., Designing financial supervision institutions: independence, accountability and governance, Edward Elgar, 2007

Electoral systems and economic policy, in B. Weingast and D. Wittman eds. Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, Oxford University Press, 2006 (with T. Persson)

Democracy and development: the devil in the details, American Economic Review, May 2006, (with T. Persson)

Economic and political liberalizations, Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2005, (with F. Giavazzi)

Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott’s contribution to the theory of macroeconomic policy, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, March 2005

The role of the state in economic development, Kyklos, 2005

Constitutions and economic policy, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2004 (with T. Persson)

Constitutional rules and policy outcomes, American Economic Review, March 2004 (with T. Persson)

How would you like to reform your pension system? The opinions of German and Italian citizens, in R. Brooks. and A. Razin (eds), Social security reform: financial and political issues in international perspective, Cambridge University Press, 2005, pp. 353-370 (with T. Boeri and A. Boersch-Supan)

Electoral rules and corruption, Journal of the European Economic Association, June 2003 (with T. Persson and F. Trebbi)

Pension reforms and the opinions of European citizens, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2002, (with T. Boeri and A. Boersch-Supan)

Political economics and public finance, Handbook of Public Economics, ed. by A. Auerbach and M. Feldstein, North Holland, 2002 (with T. Persson)

Do constitutions cause large governments? Quasi-experimental evidence, European Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, April 2002 (with T. Persson)

Optimal regional redistribution under asymmetric information, American Economic Review, June 2001 (with M. Bordignon and P. Manasse)

Would you like to shrink the welfare state? The opinions of European citizens, Economic Policy, 2001 (with T. Boeri and A. Boersch-Supan)

Comparative politics and public finance, Journal of Political Economy, December 2000 (with T. Persson and G. Roland)

A positive theory of social security, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2000, n.3

Extracting information from asset prices: the methodology of EMU calculators, European Economic Review, October 2000 (with C. Favero, F. Giavazzi and F. Iacone)

Unemployment, growth and taxation in industrial countries, Economic Policy, April 2000 (with F. Daveri)

Does commitment matter in trade policy?, Economics and Politics, July 1999, (with R. Staiger), reprinted in: The WTO, Safeguards and temporary protection from imports, ed. by C.P. Bown, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2006
The size and scope of government: comparative politics with rational politicians – Marshall Lecture at EEA Congress, European Economic Review, April 1999 (with T. Persson)

Political economics and macroeconomic policy, in: J. Taylor and M. Woodford eds, Handbook of Macroeconomics, vol. III, North Holland, 1999 (with T. Persson)

Lobbying by capital and labor over trade and labor market policies, European Economic
Review 42, 1295-1316, 1998 (with M. Rama)

Towards micropolitical foundations of public finance, European Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 42, 685-694, 1998 (with T. Persson and G. Roland)

The optimality of nominal contracts, Economic Theory 11(3), 545-562, 1998 (with S. Freeman)

Separation of powers and political accountability, Quarterly Journal of Economics 112 (4), 1163-1202, 1997 (with T. Persson and G. Roland). Reprinted in: The international library of critical writings in economics – edited by M. Blaug (volume: Constitutional Political Economy, ed. by S. Voigt)

The theory of fiscal federalism: what does it mean for Europe?, in Siebert, H. (ed.), Quo Vadis Europe?, 1997, J.C.B. Mohr: Tübingen (with T. Persson and G. Roland)

Federal fiscal constitutions: risk sharing and redistribution, Journal of Political Economy 104, 979-1009, 1996 (with T. Persson)

Monetary cohabitation in Europe, American Economic Review 86, 111-116, 1996. Longer version available as NBER Working paper, No. 5532 (with T. Persson)

Federal fiscal constitutions: risk sharing and moral hazard, Econometrica 64, 623-646, 1996 (with T. Persson)

Double-edged incentives: institutions and policy coordination, Chapter 38 in Grossman, G. and K. Rogoff (eds.), Handbook of International Economics, Vol III, North-Holland: Amsterdam, 1995 (with T. Persson)

Is inequality harmful for growth? American Economic Review 84, 600-621, 1994 (with T. Persson)

Does centralization increase the size of government? European Economic Review 38, 765- 773, 1994 (with T. Persson)

Representative democracy and capital taxation, Journal of Public Economics 55, 53-70, 1994 (with T. Persson)

Designing institutions for monetary stability, Carnegie Rochester Series in Public Policy, Fall 1993 (with T. Persson)

Default risk on government debt in OECD countries, Economic Policy n.15, Fall 1992 (with A. Alesina, M. de Broeck and A. Prati)

The politics of 1992: fiscal policy and European integration, Review of Economic Studies, October 1992 (with T. Persson)

Positive and normative theories of public debt and inflation in historical perspective, European Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, April 1992 (with A. Alesina)

Growth, distribution and politics, European Economic Review, April 1992. Reprinted in: The political economy of business cycles and growth, edited by A. Cukierman, Z. Hercowitz and L. Leiderman, MIT Press, 1992 (with Torsten Persson)

Seigniorage and political instability, American Economic Review, June 1992 (with A. Cukierman and S. Edwards)

The Politics of intergenerational redistribution, Journal of Political Economy, April 1991. Reprinted in: The political economy of government debt, ed. by F. van Winden and H. Verbon, North Holland, 1992

Political and monetary institutions and public financial policies in the industrialized countries, Economic Policy, n.13, Fall 1991 (with D. Masciandaro and V. Grilli)

Explaining fiscal deficits and inflation in the developing countries, Journal of International Money and Finance, July 1991 (with S. Edwards)

Political instability, political weakness and inflation – An empirical analysis, in: Advances in Economic Theory - Proceedings of the 1990 World Meetings of the Econometric Society (edited by C. Sims), Cambridge University Press, (with S. Edwards)

Rules versus discretion in trade policy: an empirical investigation, in: Empirical studies in commercial policy (edited by Robert Baldwin), NBER, University of Chicago Press, 1991 (with R. Staiger)

Public confidence and debt management - A model and a case study of Italy, in: Capital markets and debt management (edited by R. Dornbusch and M. Draghi), Cambridge University Press, 1990 (with A. Alesina and A. Prati)

Exporting the inflation tax, in: Monetary policy in an era of change (edited by W. Haraf and T. Willett), American Enterprise Institute, 1990

A positive theory of fiscal deficits and government debt, Review of Economic Studies, July 1990 (with A. Alesina)

Domestic politics and the international coordination of fiscal policies, Journal of International Economics, June 1990

Voting on the budget deficit, American Economic Review, March 1990 (with A. Alesina)

External debt, capital flights and political risk, Journal of International Economics, November 1989, and Estudios Economicos, 1989 (with A. Alesina)

Rules and discretion in trade policy, European Economic Review, July 1989 (with R. Staiger)

Money, deficits and public debt in the US, Review of Economics and Statistics, February 1989 (with V. La Via)

Monetary institutions and fiscal deficits: a comparative analysis, in: Challenges to monetary policy in the Pacific basin countries, (edited by H. Cheng), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988 (with D. Masciandaro)

Monetary and fiscal policy coordination in the presence of a high public debt, in: Surviving with a high public debt: lessons from the Italian experience (edited by F. Giavazzi and L. Spaventa), Cambridge University Press, 1988

Learning and the volatility of exchange rates, Journal of International Money and Finance, June 1988

Credibility and politics, European Economic Review, April 1988 (with A. Alesina)

Centralized wage setting and monetary policy in a reputational equilibrium, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, February 1988

Discretionary trade policy and excessive protection, American Economic Review, December 1987 (with R. Staiger), Reprinted in: Critical perspectives on the global trading system and the WTO (series editors: K. Anderson and B. Hoekman), E. Elgar Publishing ltd, 2005

Secrecy of monetary policy and the variability of interest rates, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, November 1987

Rules and discretion with non-coordinated monetary and fiscal policies, Economic Inquiry, November 1987 (with A. Alesina)

The politics of inflation and economic stagnation - A review essay, Journal of Monetary Economics, May 1987

Central bank reputation and the monetization of deficits: the 1981 Italian monetary reform, Economic Inquiry, April 1987

Money, debt and deficits in a dynamic game, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, December 1986

Books in English

The economic effects of constitutions, MIT Press, Munich Lectures in Economics, 2003 (with T. Persson)

Political economics – Explaining economic policy, MIT Press, 2000 (with T. Persson)

Monetary and fiscal policy. Volume I: Credibility, Volume II: Politics, edited jointly with T. Persson, MIT Press, 1994

Macroeconomics, credibility and politics, Harwood Academic Publishers, London, 1990 (with T. Persson). (Italian Translation: Politica macroeconomica: le nuove teorie, La Nuova Italia Scientifica, Roma 1996)

Policy Reports

Supply-side reforms in Europe: can the Lisbon strategy be repaired?, Swedish Economic Policy Review, 2006, Vol. 13. N. 1, (with C. Wyplosz)

Supply side policy coordination in the European Union, Report for the Conseil d’Analyse Economique, Paris, Spring 2004 (with C. Wyplosz)

Principles of policymaking in the European Union: An economic perspective, CESifo Economic Studies, 2003
Built to last: a political architecture for Europe, CEPR Report on monitoring European integration 12, February 2003 (with E. Berglof, B. Eichengreen, G. Roland, C. Wyplosz)

Testing the speed limit for Europe – CEPS Report, 2001 (with D. Gros, J. Jimeno, C. Monticelli, N. Thygesen)

Quo Vadis Euro – The cost of muddling through – CEPS Report, 2000 (with D. Gros, O.Davanne, M. Emerson, T. Mayer, N. Thygesen)

Inflation targeting and the accountability of the European Central Bank – Hearing with the European Parliament, Economic Notes, April 1999

Macroeconomic policy in the first year of Euroland – CEPS Report, 1999 (with D. Gros, O. Blanchard, M. Emerson, H. W. Sinn, T. Mayer, G. St. Paul)

Flexible integration: towards a more effective and democratic Europe, CEPR Report on Monitoring European Integration 6, November 1995, (with M. Dewatripont, F. Giavazzi, J. von Hagen, I. Harden, T. Persson, G. Roland, H. Rosenthal, A. Sapir). (Italian translation: L’integrazione flessibile, Il Mulino, 1996)

Books in Italian

L’Italia in Gabbia, Bocconi University Press, Milano, 2008

Liberalizzazione dei mercati e privatizzazioni, edited jointly with F. Giavazzi and A. Penati, Il Mulino, 1998

La costituzione fiscale, edited jointly with F. Giavazzi and A. Penati, Il Mulino, 1998

Le nuove frontiere della politica economica III, edited jointly with F. Giavazzi and A.Penati, Il Sole 24 Ore, 1997

Le nuove frontiere della politica economica II, edited jointly with F. Giavazzi and A. Penati, Il Sole 24 Ore, 1996

Le nuove frontiere della politica economica I, edited jointly with F. Giavazzi and A. Penati, Il Sole 24 Ore, 1995

Letture di macroeconomia, edited jointly with F. Spinelli, Etas Libri, Milano, 1994

Indicizzazione (edited by E. Colombatto and G. Tabellini), Biblioteca della Libertà, Torino, Italy, 1982, pp.115-132


The lessons from the crisis – Comments, in: ECB Monetary Policy Conference Proceedings, forthcoming

Final remarks – Conference summary, in: Working hours and job sharing in Europe and the USA, ed. by T. Boeri, Oxford University Press, 2008

Reply to Blankart and Koester’s political economics vs public choice - Two views of political economy in competition, Kyklos, 2006 (with A. Alesina and T. Persson)

Was it worth it? - Chapter in P.B Sorensen (ed), Monetary Union in Europe - Essays in honour of N. Thygesen, DJOF Publishing, Copenhagen, 2004

The case for price stability - A comment, in Why price stability? , ed. by A. Herrero, V. Gaspar, L. Hoogduin, J. Morgan, B. Winkler, European Central Bank, 2000

Towards effective monetary policy – Conference summary, in: Towards effective monetary policy, conference proceedings, Bank of Japan, Tokyo, 1996

Inflation in a fixed exchange rate regime - A comment, in: The transition to economic and monetary union in Europe, ed. by F. Torres and F. Giavazzi, Cambridge University Press, 1993

Economic aspects of decentralized government: structure, functions and finance - A comment, Economic Policy 13, Fall 1991

Management of a common currency - A comment, in: A European Central Bank? (edited by F. De Cecco and A. Giovannini), Cambridge University Press, 1989

Reputational constraints on monetary policy - A comment, Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Spring 1987

Italian Articles:

Economia e Politica, Enciclopedia del Novecento, Treccani, 2005

Tasse, disoccupazione e crescita: cosa dice l’evidenza empirica?, in: Un viaggio imperfetto, ed. by A. Calabrò, Pubblicazioni de Il Sole 24 Ore, 1999 (with F. Daveri)

I Sussidi di disoccupazione in alcuni paesi europei: le riforme degli anni ’90, in: Mercato del Lavoro e Ammortizzatori Sociali, ed. by G. De Capraris, Il Mulino, 1999 (with E. Frontini)

Come fare la perequazione regionale in Italia ? in: La costituzione fiscale, edited by F. Giavazzi, A. Penati e G. Tabellini, il Mulino, 1998 (with M. Bordignon, N. Emiliani, P. Manasse)

Il Finanziamento di regioni e enti locali, Commissione Tecnica per la Spesa Pubblica, (with P. Bosi)

Un passo più coraggioso verso il federalismo fiscale, Il Mulino, Novembre - Dicembre 1995 (with P. Bosi)

Efficienza e rappresentanza del sistema elettorale, Il Mulino, N.4, 1993 (with D. Siniscalco)

Riforme istituzionali e rientro da un alto debito pubblico, Il Mercato dei Titoli di Stato in Italia, ed. by R. Hamaui, Il Mulino, 1993 (with P. Canziani, F. Giavazzi e P. Manasse)

Debito pubblico e riforme istituzionali, in: Una Nuova Costituzione Economica, ed. by F. Spinelli, 1993

Istituzioni politiche e debito pubblico, Invited Lecture for the annual meeting of the Italian Economic Association, in Teoria Economica e Analisi delle Istituzioni, ed. by R. Artoni, pp.41-76, Il Mulino, 1993

Il debito interno ed estero degli Stati Uniti durante l’amministrazione Reagan, ISPI, 1989 (with V. Grilli)

Optimal monetary instruments and policy games, Ricerche Economiche, December 1987

Rules, discretion and the provision of employment incentives, Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia, August 1987

Accommodative monetary policy and Central Bank reputation, Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia, XLIV, 7-8, 1985, pp.389-426

The specification of asset equilibrium in models of the open economy, Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia, XLIV, n.1-2, 1985

Why do we observe so little indexation? An answer from the theory of insurance, Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia, XLIII, 1984

Salari e inflazione, in: Indicizzazione (edited by E. Colombatto and G. Tabellini), Biblioteca della Libertà, Torino, Italy, 1982, pp.115-132

Strozzature nell'offerta e aggiustamento verso l'equilibrio in un modello keynesiano, in: Saggi in onore di I. Gasparini (edited by M. Monti and A. Predetti), Milano, Giuffrè, 1982, pp.420-442

Equazioni e disequazioni differenziali nei modelli di economia dinamica: elementi di confronto, Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia, XL, 7-8, 1981, pp.423-446
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