Szabolcs Szuromi - Selected Publications#

Szuromi, Sz.A., Pre-Gratian Medieval Canonical Collections – Texts, Manuscripts, Concepts – (Aus Recht und Religion 18), Berlin 2014.

Szuromi, Sz.A., The Testimony of Medieval Canonical Collections – Texts, Manuscripts, Institutions – (Bibliotheca Instituti Postgradualis Iuris Canonici Universitatis Catholicae de Petro Pázmány nominatae III/18), Budapest 2014.

Szuromi, Sz.A., The Tripartita as compared with “Tripartita”. Notes on the Firenze, Bibliotheca Medicea-Laurentiana, Ashburnham 53 and St. Petersburg, Nationalnaya Biblioteka O. v. II. 4, in Archiv für katolisches Kirchenrecht 182 (2013) 6-25.

Szuromi, Sz.A., Legislazione civile – legislazione Canonica, in BERKVENS, L. – HALLEBEEK, J. – MARTYN, G. – NÈVE, P. (ed.), Recto ordine procedit magister. Liber amicorum E.C. Coppens (Iuris Scripta Historica XXVIII; Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium), Brussels 2012. 303-312.

Szuromi, Sz.A. (a cura di), Il quindicesimo anniversario dell’Istituto di Diritto Canonico “ad instar facultatis” dell Università Cattolica Pázmány Péter, Budapest 2011.

Szuromi, Sz.A.-Erdő, P. (edd.), Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law. Esztergom, 3 August – 8 August 2008 (Monumenta Iuris Canonici, C/14), Città del Vaticano 2010.

Szuromi, Sz.A., From a reading book to a structuralized canonical collection – The Textual Development of the Ivonian Work – (Aus Recht und Religion 14), Berlin 2010.

Szuromi, Sz.A., Medieval Canon Law – Sources and Theory – (Bibliotheca Instituti Postgradualis Iuris Canonici Universitatis Catholicae de Petro Pázmány nominatae III/12), Budapest 2009.

Szuromi, Sz.A., Fulbert et Bonipert – Les relations entre deux évêques au XIe siècle, in Rouche, M. (dir.), Fulbert de Chartres. Précurseur de l’Europe médiévale? (Cultures et civilisations médiévales 43), Paris 2008. 55-62.

Szuromi, Sz.A., Anselm of Lucca as a Canonist (A textual-critical overview on the ‘Collectio Canonum Anselmi Lucensis’) [Adnotationes in Ius Canonicum]], Frankfurt am Main 2006.
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