Piotr Sztompka - List of publications#

Full List of publications(info)

1. Sztompka Piotr, System and Function: Toward a Theory of Society, Academic Press (an extended version of his PhD thesis) (1974)

2. Sztompka Piotr, Robert K. Merton: an Intellectual Profile (1986)

3. Sztompka Piotr, Jeffrey C. Alexander: Rethinking Progress (1990)

4. Sztompka Piotr: Society in Action: The Theory of Social Becoming, Polity (1991)

5. Sztompka Piotr : ‘Many sociologies for one world: the case for grand theory and theoretical pluralism’, The Polish Sociological Bulletin 3: 147-158. (1991)

6. Sztompka Piotr: The Sociology of Social Change (1993)

7. Sztompka Piotr: ‘Trust and Emerging Democracy: Lessons from Poland’, International Sociology 11: 37-62 (1996)

8. Sztompka Piotr: Trust: a Sociological Theory (1999)

9. Sztompka Piotr: ‘Cultural Trauma: The Other Face of Social Change’, The European Journal of Social Theory, 4: 449-466 (2000)

10. Sztompka Piotr: ‘From East-Europeans to Europeans: Shifting Collective Identities and Symbolic Boundaries in the New Europe”, European Review, 12.4: 481-496 (2004)

11. Sztompka Piotr ‘Coming in from the cold: my road from socialism to sociology’, pp. 189-202 in ed. M. Deflem, Sociologists in A Global Age, Ashgate (2007)

Covers of selected books#

Piotr Sztompka A socjological Theory

Piotr Sztompka Zaufanie

Piotr Sztompka Socjologia lektury

Piotr Sztompka Socjologia

Piotr Sztompka Socjologia zmian społecznych

Piotr Sztompka Socjologia wizualna

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