Lucien Szpiro #

Obituary, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) (in French)

Curriculum Vitae#

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at the Graduate School University Center, City University of New York.
Directeur de Recherche Emerite, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay.

Research organiser of yearly seminars. Three of these seminars have been written up and published in Astérisque (vol. 86, 127, 183). Since 1999 these seminars take place at the Graduate Center in New York.

Current Ph. D. students at the Graduate Center:

Nikita Miasnikov, Sandra Sze, Phillip Williams, and Liang Zhao.

Ph. D.'s supervised:

L. Moret-Bailly (Professor in Rennes); M. Deschamps (Professor at University of Versailles); Shouwu Zhang (Professor at Princeton); M. Flexor (Maître de Conferences at Orsay); E. Ullmo (Professor at Orsay and Director at IHES); A. Abbes (Chargé de Recherches at Paris-Nord); C. Gasbarri (Professor at Strasbourg); P. Mikkelsen (Wall Street); A. Mimar (Wall Street); J. Pesenti (Dot-com in Data Mining, Philadelphia); R. Litcanu (Postdoc in Rennes, Barcelona); J. Pineiro (Bronx Community College); M. Majidi-Zolbanin (La Guardia Community College, New York); M. Tepper (Professor, University of Pennsylvania - Abingdon); Y. Baishanski (La Guardia Community College, New York); A. Bhatnagar (Lehman College, New York).


  • 1991 - 93: Editor-in-Chief of "Astérisque"
  • 1984 - 90: Editor of "Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France"

  • 1972 - 92: Organiser of a yearly research week at Oberwolfach
  • 1994: Organiser of a conference in Arithmetic Geometry at Luminy
  • 2002 - present: Organiser of the New York Joint Number Theory Seminar, New York
  • 2002, 10: Organiser: of the Algebraic Dynamics Workshop, New York

  • 2010: Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Research Counsel in Pisa, Italy
  • 2012: Member of the Scientific Committee of the ICERM (NSF) at Brown University, USA

NSF Grants:
  • Research Training Grant in Number Theory
  • Focus Research Grant in Algebraic Dynamics (with support for postdocs and Ph. D. students, and for workshops)
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