Trine Syvertsen - Selected Publications#


Syvertsen, T (2020) Digital Detox: The Politics of Disconnection. Emerald.

Syvertsen, T. (2017) Media resistance: Protest, Dislike, Abstention. Palgrave.

Syvertsen, T., Enli, G., Mjøs, O., & Moe, H. (2014) The media Welfare State: Nordic Media in the Digital Era. University of Michigan Press.

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Syvertsen, T., & Enli, G. (2019) Digital detox: Media resistance and the promise of authenticity. Convergence, Online first, 2019. 1-15.

Syvertsen, T., Enli, G., Raats, T., & Donders, K. (2019) Media policy for private media in the age of digital platforms. European Journal of Communication, 34(4), 395-409.

Syvertsen, T., Ihlebæk, K., & Ytreberg, E. (2014) Keeping Them and Moving Them: TV Scheduling in the Phase of Channel and Platform Proliferation. Television and New Media, 15(5): 470-486 (online first, 2013).

Syvertsen, T., Enli, G., Moe, H., & Sundet, V. (2013) From fear of television to fear for television: five political debates about new technologies. Media History 19(2) 213-227.

Syvertsen, T., & Storsul, T. (2007) The Impact of Convergence on European Television Policy. Pressure for Change - Forces of Stability. Convergence 13(3) 275-291.

Peer-reviewed book chapters:

Syvertsen, T., & Enli, G. (2018) Public Service in Europe: Five Key Points. In Freedman, D and Goblot, V (eds.), A Future for Public Service Television. Goldsmith's Press/MIT Press.

Syvertsen, T., Enli, G., Moe, H., & Sundet, V. (2016) The Media Welfare State: Nordic Media in Times of Change. In Karlsen, U. (ed.), Freedom of Expression and Media in Transition. Gothenburg: Nordicom.

Syvertsen, T. (2006) TV and Multi-Platform Media Hybrids. Corporate Strategies and Regulatory Dilemmas. In: Marcinkowski, ‎F., Meier, W. A., & Trappel, J. (eds.), Medien und Demokratie: Europäische Erfahrungen. Haupt Verlag. 253-273.

Syvertsen, T., & Skogerbø, E. (1998) Scandinavia, Netherlands, and Belgium. In: Smith, Anthony og Paterson, Richard (eds.), Television: An International History. Oxford University Press. 223-233.

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