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Eugeny D. Sverdlov is an author of more than 300 publications (see

Selected publications
  • Kopantzev E.P., Monastyrskaya G.S., Vinogradova T.V., Zinovyeva M.V., Kostina M.B., Filyukova O.B., Tonevitsky A.G., Sukhikh G.T., Sverdlov E.D. (2008). Differences in gene expression levels between early and later stages of human lung development are opposite to those between normal lung tissue and non-small lung cell carcinoma. Lung Cancer 62 (1), 23–34
  • Chernov I.P., Timchenko K.A., Akopov S.B., Nikolaev L.G., Sverdlov E.D. (2007). Identification of tissue-specific DNA-protein binding sites by means of two-dimensional electrophoretic mobility shift assay display. Anal. Biochem. 364 (1), 60–6
  • Bulanenkova S., Snezhkov E., Nikolaev L., Sverdlov E. (2007). Identification and mapping of open chromatin regions within a 140 kb polygenic locus of human chromosome 19 using E. coli Dam methylase. Genetica 130 (1), 83–92
  • Lebedev Y.B., Amosova A.L., Mamedov I.Z., Fisunov G.Y., Sverdlov E.D. (2007). Most recent AluY insertions in human gene introns reduce the content of the primary transcripts in a cell type specific manner. Gene 390 (1-2), 122–9
  • Illarionova A.E., Vinogradova T.V., Sverdlov E.D. (2007). Only those genes of the KIAA1245 gene subfamily that contain HERV(K) LTRs in their introns are transcriptionally active. Virology 358 (1), 39–47
  • Buzdin A., Kovalskaya-Alexandrova E., Gogvadze E., Sverdlov E. (2006). At least 50% of human-specific HERV-K (HML-2) long terminal repeats serve in vivo as active promoters for host nonrepetitive DNA transcription. J. Virol. 80 (21), 10752–62
  • Akopov S.B., Ruda V.M., Batrak V.V., Vetchinova A.S., Chernov I.P., Nikolaev L.G., Bode J., Sverdlov E.D. (2006). Identification, genome mapping, and CTCF binding of potential insulators within the FXYD5-COX7A1 locus of human chromosome 19q13.12. Mamm. Genome 17 (10), 1042–9
  • Fushan A., Monastyrskaya G., Abaev I., Sverdlov E. (2006). Genomic fingerprinting of Burkholderia pseudomallei and B. mallei pathogens with DNA array based on interspecies sequence differences obtained by subtractive hybridization. Res. Microbiol. 157 (7), 684–92
  • Vetchinova A.S., Akopov S.B., Chernov I.P., Nikolaev L.G., Sverdlov E.D. (2006). Two-dimensional electrophoretic mobility shift assay: identification and mapping of transcription factor CTCF target sequences within an FXYD5-COX7A1 region of human chromosome 19. Anal. Biochem. 354 (1), 85–93
  • Chernov I.P., Akopov S.B., Nikolaev L.G., Sverdlov E.D. (2006). Identification and mapping of DNA binding proteins target sequences in long genomic regions by two-dimensional EMSA. BioTechniques 41 (1), 91–6
  • Azhikina T., Gainetdinov I., Skvortsova Y., Sverdlov E. (2006). Methylation-free site patterns along a 1-Mb locus on Chr19 in cancerous and normal cells are similar. A new fast approach for analyzing unmethylated CCGG sites distribution. Mol. Genet. Genomics 275 (6), 615–22
  • Azhikina T., Gvozdevsky N., Botvinnik A., Fushan A., Shemyakin I., Stepanshina V., Lipin M., Barry C. 3rd, Sverdlov E. (2006). A genome-wide sequence-independent comparative analysis of insertion-deletion polymorphisms in multiple Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains. Res. Microbiol. 157 (3), 282–90
  • Kovalskaya E., Buzdin A., Gogvadze E., Vinogradova T., Sverdlov E. (2006). Functional human endogenous retroviral LTR transcription start sites are located between the R and U5 regions. Virology 346 (2), 373–8
  • Buzdin A., Kovalskaya-Alexandrova E., Gogvadze E., Sverdlov E. (2006). GREM, a technique for genome-wide isolation and quantitative analysis of promoter active repeats. Nucleic Acids Res. 34 (9), e67
  • Mamedov I.Z., Arzumanyan E.S., Amosova A.L., Lebedev Y.B., Sverdlov E.D. (2005). Whole-genome experimental identification of insertion/deletion polymorphisms of interspersed repeats by a new general approach. Nucleic Acids Res. 33 (2), e16
  • Buzdin A., Gogvadze E., Kovalskaya E., Volchkov P., Ustyugova S., Illarionova A., Fushan A., Vinogradova T., Sverdlov E. (2003). The human genome contains many types of chimeric retrogenes generated through in vivo RNA recombination. Nucleic Acids Res. 31 (15), 4385–90
  • Buzdin A., Ustyugova S., Gogvadze E., Lebedev Y., Hunsmann G., Sverdlov E. (2003). Genome-wide targeted search for human specific and polymorphic L1 integrations. Hum. Genet. 112 (5-6), 527–33
  • Buzdin A., Ustyugova S., Khodosevich K., Mamedov I., Lebedev Y., Hunsmann G., Sverdlov E. (2003). Human-specific subfamilies of HERV-K (HML-2) long terminal repeats: three master genes were active simultaneously during branching of hominoid lineages. Genomics 81 (2), 149–56
  • Mamedov I., Batrak A., Buzdin A., Arzumanyan E., Lebedev Y., Sverdlov E.D. (2002). Genome-wide comparison of differences in the integration sites of interspersed repeats between closely related genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 30 (14), e71
  • Buzdin A., Khodosevich K., Mamedov I., Vinogradova T., Lebedev Y., Hunsmann G., Sverdlov E. (2002). A technique for genome-wide identification of differences in the interspersed repeats integrations between closely related genomes and its application to detection of human-specific integrations of HERV-K LTRs. Genomics 79 (3), 413–22
  • Sverdlov E.D. (2000). Retroviruses and primate evolution. BioEssays 22 (2), 161–171
  • Lebedev Y.B., Belonovitch O.S., Zybrova N.V., Khil P.P., Kurdyukov S.G., Vinogradova T.V., Hunsmann G., Sverdlov E.D. (2000). Differences in HERV-K LTR insertions in orthologous loci of humans and great apes. Gene 247 (1-2), 265–77
  • Ovchinnikov Yu.A., Monastyrskaya G.S., Gubanov V.V., Guryev S.O., Salomatina I.S., Shuvaeva T.M., Lipkin V.M., Sverdlov E.D. (1982). The primary structure of E. coli RNA polymerase, Nucleotide sequence of the rpoC gene and amino acid sequence of the beta'-subunit. Nucleic Acids Res. 10 (13), 4035–44
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