William Sutherland - Selected Publications#

Sutherland, W.J., Atkinson, P.W., Butchart, S.H., Capaja, M., Dicks, L.V., Fleishman, E., Gaston, K.J., Hails, R.S., Hughes, A.C., Le Anstey, B. and Le Roux, X… 2022. A horizon scan of global biological conservation issues for 2022. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 37, 95-104. doi.org/10.1016/j.tree.2021.10.014

Sutherland, W.J. (ed), 2022. Transforming Conservation: A Practical Guide to Evidence and Decision Making. Open Books doi.org/10.11647/OBP.0321

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White, T.B., Petrovan, S.O., Christie, A.P., Martin, P.A. & Sutherland, W.J. 2022. What is the price of conservation; a review of the status quo and recommendations for improving cost reporting. BioScience 72(5): 461–471. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biac007

Petrovan, S.O., Aldridge, D.C., Bartlett, H., Bladon, A.J., Booth, H., Broad, S., Broom, D.M., Burgess, N.D., Cleaveland, S., Cunningham, A.A., Ferri, M., Hinsley, A., Hua, F., Hughes, A.C., Jones, K., Kelly, M., Mayes, G., Radakovic, M., Ugwu, C.A., Uddin, N., Veríssimo, D., Walzer, C., White, T.B., Wood, J.L. and Sutherland, W.J. (2021), Post COVID-19: a solution scan of options for preventing future zoonotic epidemics. Biol Rev, 96: 2694-2715. doi.org/10.1111/brv.12774

Amano, T., Berdejo-Espinola, V., Christie, A.P…. & Sutherland, W.J. 2021. Tapping into non-English-language science for the conservation of global biodiversity. PLoS Biology 19:e3001296. DOI: doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.3001296

Sutherland, W.J., Dicks, L.V., Petrovan, S.O., Smith, R.K. (Eds.) (2021) What Works in Conservation (6th edition). Open Book Publishers: Cambridge, UK. doi: 10.11647/OBP.0267

Christie, A., Abecasis, D., Adjeroud, M., Alonso, J…. & Sutherland, W. 2020. Quantifying and addressing the prevalence and bias of study designs in the environmental and social sciences. Nature Communications 11: 6377 doi.org/10.1038/s41467-020-20142-y

Christie, A., Amano, T., Martin, P., Simmons, B., Shackelford, G. & Sutherland, W.J. 2019. Simple study designs in ecology produce inaccurate estimates of biodiversity responses. Journal of Applied Ecology 56(12): 2742 - 2754. doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.13499

Amano, T., Székely, T., Sandel, B., Nagy, S., Mundkur, T., Langendoen, T., Blanco, D., Soykan, C.U. & Sutherland, W.J. 2018. Successful conservation of global waterbird populations depends on effective governance. Nature 553: 199–202. doi.org/10.1038/nature25139

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