Svein Sundby - Curriculum Vitae#

Position: Principal oceanographer at Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

  • Cand. real in Physical oceanography, University of Bergen, Norway, 1974
  • Dr. philos in Marine ecology, University of Bergen, Norway, 1995

After finishing my cand real. (master) thesis in physical oceanography I have been working as scientist at Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, for 40 years. During my first two years I worked with identifying optimal environmental conditions along the Norwegian coast for the new emerging salmon farming industry. After that I was involved in a large national project on the study of recruitment mechanisms in cod, and I started to explore how physical processes and ocean climate dynamics influence distributions and predator-prey interactions in plankton. This became my special research field where I have my most cited works. When US scientist in the late 1980s took the initiative to establish the international Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics (GLOBEC) I was invited as specialist in physical-biological interaction to participate in the planning of the programme. I worked in the GLOBEC SSC during the planning phase 1991-1995, was member of the first formal GLOBEC SSC 1995-1998, and became member of the SSC again during the final GLOBEC stage 2006-2010. I also was developing and leading the regional GLOBEC programme Cod and Climate Change (CCC) coordinated by ICES. I was involved in establishing the new international programme Integrating Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Research (IMBER) 2002-2003, and from 2015 I have been appointed member of the IMBER SSC. My work with physical-biological interaction resulted in an invitation as adjunct professor at the Geophysical institute in 2003 where I developed the curriculum in a course on physical-biological couplings (GEOF 230), and lectured it during a 10 years period. The curriculum is still used in this course. Since 1995 I have been involved in research and lecturing in Southern Africa (Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique) as part of the Norwegian Developmental Agency NORAD. I was in the Lead Author team of the chapter on “The Ocean” in the recent IPCC Assessment Report 5 that came out in 2014.

I was in the PI group that developed Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) that was appointed Norwegian Centre of Excellence in 2003.

I have been responsible supervisor for 10 master students and 5 PhD student within physical oceanography, meteorology, marine ecology and fishery biology, and been on the supervisor team for a number of other master/PhD students.

I have been leader several assessment projects on pollution related to petroleum and mining industrial activities.

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