Zhendong Su - Selected Publications#

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h-index: 51; citations: 11,698 (as of 27 January 2021)
ACM DL author profile

Manuel Rigger, Zhendong Su: Testing Database Engines via Pivoted Query Synthesis. OSDI 2020: 667-682.
Recognition: Distinguished Artifacts Award for SQLancer (https://github.com/sqlancer/sqlancer) with 600+ GitHub stars
Impact: 450+ critical bugs in widely-used DBMSs (e.g., SQLite and MySQL), significant industrial adoption and contributions
Citations: 4

Dominik Winterer, Chengyu Zhang, Zhendong Su: Validating SMT solvers via semantic fusion. PLDI 2020: 718-730.
Recognition: Distinguished Paper Award, Invitation to special TOPLAS issue for best papers at PLDI 2020
Artifact: Yin-Yang (https://github.com/testsmt/yinyang) with 70+ GitHub stars
Impact: 1,000+ critical bugs in modern mature SMT solvers Z3 and CVC4
Citations: 4

Zhoulai Fu, Zhendong Su: Effective floating-point analysis via weak-distance minimization. PLDI 2019: 439-452.
Citations: 4

Qirun Zhang, Zhendong Su: Context-sensitive data-dependence analysis via linear conjunctive language reachability. POPL 2017: 344-358.
Recognition: US NSF Grant ($500K)
Citations: 33

Vu Le, Mehrdad Afshari, Zhendong Su: Compiler validation via equivalence modulo inputs. PLDI 2014: 216-226.
Recognition: Distinguished Paper Award, Google Faculty Research Award, US NSF Grant ($500K)
Impact: 1,600+ critical bugs in the most widely-used C/C++ compilers GCC and Clang/LLVM
Citations: 267

Qirun Zhang, Michael R. Lyu, Hao Yuan, Zhendong Su: Fast algorithms for Dyck-CFL-reachability with applications to alias analysis. PLDI 2013: 435-446.
Impact: The introduced algorithm was implemented as a pass in LLVM for alias analysis
Citations: 44

Abram Hindle, Earl T. Barr, Zhendong Su, Mark Gabel, Premkumar T. Devanbu: On the naturalness of software. ICSE 2012: 837-847.
Recognition: ACM CACM Research Highlight article, US NSF Large Grant ($1.2M)
Citations: 677

Lingxiao Jiang, Ghassan Misherghi, Zhendong Su, Stéphane Glondu: DECKARD: Scalable and Accurate Tree-Based Detection of Code Clones. ICSE 2007: 96-105.
Recognition: ACM SIGSOFT Impact ("Test-of-Time") Award (single selected paper from all ACM SIGSOFT venues 10+ years earlier)
Artifact: Deckard (https://github.com/skyhover/Deckard) with 140+ GitHub stars and ~70 forks
Citations: 1,024

Gary Wassermann, Zhendong Su: Sound and precise analysis of web applications for injection vulnerabilities. PLDI 2007: 32-41.
Citations: 503

Zhendong Su, Gary Wassermann: The essence of command injection attacks in web applications. POPL 2006: 372-382.
Recognition: US NSF CAREER Award ($450K), IBM Faculty Award
Citations: 741

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