Marilyn Strathern - Selected publications#

  • Self-Decoration in Mount Hagen (1971)
  • Women in Between (1972)
  • No Money on Our Skins: Hagen Migrants in Port Moresby (1975) ISBN 0-85818-027-8
  • (ed. with C. MacCormack) Nature, Culture and Gender (1980) ISBN 978-0-521-28001-3
  • Kinship at the Core: an Anthropology of Elmdon, Essex (1981) ISBN 0-521-23360-7
  • The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia (1988) ISBN 0-520-07202-2
  • Partial connections. Savage, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield (1991). Re-issued by AltaMira Press, Walnut Creek, CA. (2004)
  • After Nature: English Kinship in the Late Twentieth Century (1992) ISBN 978-0-521-42680-0
  • Property, substance and effect. Anthropological essays on persons and things. London: Athlone Press (1999) Collected essays, 1992-98 ISBN 0-485-12149-2
  • Commons and borderlands: working papers on interdisciplinarity, accountability and the flow of knowledge (2004) ISBN 0-9545572-2-0
  • (ed. with Eric Hirsch) Transactions and creations: property debates and the stimulus of Melanesia, Oxford: Berghahn.
  • (ed) Audit Cultures. Anthropological studies in accountability, ethics and the academy. (2000) London: Routledge.
  • Kinship, law and the unexpected: Relatives are always a surprise. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2005) ISBN 0-521-61509-7

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