Peter Strasser - Selected Publications#

1. Bergmann, A.; Jones, T. E.; Martinez Moreno, E.; Teschner, D.; Chernev, P.; Gliech, M.; Reier, T.; Dau, H.; Strasser, P., Unified structural motifs of the catalytically active state of Co(oxyhydr)oxides during the electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction. Nature Catalysis 2018, 1, 711-719. Citations: 226 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

2. Nong, H. N.; Reier, T.; Oh, H.-S.; Gliech, M.; Paciok, P.; Vu, T. H. T.; Teschner, D.; Heggen, M.; Petkov, V.; Schlögl, R.; Jones, T.; Strasser, P., A unique oxygen ligand environment facilitates water oxidation in hole-doped IrNiO x core–shell electrocatalysts. Nature Catalysis 2018, 1 (11), 841-851. Citations: 241 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

3. Beermann, V.; Holtz, M. E.; Padgett, E.; de Araujo, J. F.; Muller, D. A.; Strasser, P., Real-time imaging of activation and degradation of carbon supported octahedral Pt-Ni alloy fuel cell catalysts at the nanoscale using in situ electrochemical liquid cell STEM. Energ Environ Sci 2019, 12 (8), 2476-2485. Citations: 85

4. Varela, A. S.; Ju, W.; Bagger, A.; Franco, P.; Rossmeisl, J.; Strasser, P., Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Metal-Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Catalysts. Acs Catal 2019, 9 (8), 7270-7284. Citations: 155 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

5. Wang, X.; de Araújo, J. F.; Ju, W.; Bagger, A.; Schmies, H.; Kühl, S.; Rossmeisl, J.; Strasser, P., Mechanistic reaction pathways of enhanced ethylene yields during electroreduction of CO2–CO co-feeds on Cu and Cu-tandem electrocatalysts. Nature Nanotechnology 2019, 14, 1063-1070. Citations: 126

6. Dionigi, F.; Zeng, Z.; Sinev, I.; Merzdorf, T.; Deshpande, S.; Lopez, M. B.; Kunze, S.; Zegkinoglou, I.; Sarodnik, H.; Fan, D.; Bergmann, A.; Drnec, J.; Araujo, J. F.; Gliech, M.; Teschner, D.; Zhu, J.; Li, W. X.; Greeley, J.; Cuenya, B. R.; Strasser, P., In-situ structure and catalytic mechanism of NiFe and CoFe layered double hydroxides during oxygen evolution. Nat Commun 2020, 11 (1), 2522. Citations: 251 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

7. Luo, F.; Roy, A.; Silvioli, L.; Cullen, D. A.; Zitolo, A.; Sougrati, M. T.; Oguz, I. C.; Mineva, T.; Teschner, D.; Wagner, S.; Wen, J.; Dionigi, F.; Kramm, U. I.; Rossmeisl, J.; Jaouen, F.; Strasser, P., P-block single-metal-site tin/nitrogen-doped carbon fuel cell cathode catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction. Nat Mater 2020, 19 (11), 1215-1223. Citations: 118 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

8. Dionigi, F.; Zhu, J.; Zeng, Z. H.; Merzdorf, T.; Sarodnik, H.; Gliech, M.; Pan, L. J.; Li, W. X.; Greeley, J.; Strasser, P., Intrinsic Electrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Evolution of Crystalline 3d-Transition Metal Layered Double Hydroxides. Angew Chem Int Ed 2021, 60 (26), 14446-14457. Citations: 50 -Highly Cited Paper (WoS)-

9. Sun, Y.; Polani, S.; Luo, F.; Ott, S.; Strasser, P.; Dionigi, F., Advancements in cathode catalyst and cathode layer design for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Nat Commun 2021, 12 (1), 5984. Citations: 8

10. Li, C.; Ju, W.; Vijay, S.; Timoshenko, J.; Mou, K.; Cullen, D. A.; Yang, J.; Wang, X.; Pachfule, P.; Bruckner, S.; Jeon, H. S.; Haase, F. T.; Tsang, S. C.; Rettenmaier, C.; Chan, K.; Cuenya, B. R.; Thomas, A.; Strasser, P., Covalent Organic Framework (COF) Derived Ni-N-C Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction: Unraveling Fundamental Kinetic and Structural Parameters of the Active Sites. Angew Chem Int Edit 2022, 61, e202114707.

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