Antonio Stramaglia - Biography#

Antonio Stramaglia (1967) is Professor of Latin in the University of Bari. He has worked on Greek and Latin fiction (Apuleius, papyrus fragments…); the supernatural in classical literature; ancient paradoxography; ‘comics’ and other forms of interaction between text and image in Greece and Rome; school in antiquity, with special emphasis on declamation; Roman satire (Juvenal); Galen; Terence. To-date he has authored twelve books (in Italian, Latin, English, German); edited eight books; published sixty articles or chapters. He is preparing a new critical edition of the Major Declamations for the Loeb Classical Library; and of Apuleius’s Operum deperditorum reliquiae for the Oxford Classical Texts. Since 1999 he has co-ordinated an international research group, with thirteen academic members from seven different countries (Italy, France, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, The Netherlands), on [Quintilian]’s Major Declamations; the resulting monographs on the individual declamations are published by Cassino University Press in a specific collection, edited by himself ( He is also the editor of the collection Classici latini per l’Università (Bononia University Press); and is associate editor or member of the steering board of various international journals (American Journal of Philology; FuturoClassico; Revue des Études Tardo-Antiques; Rhetorica. A Journal of the History of Rhetoric; Rivista di filologia e di istruzione classica; Segno e Testo). He has given to-date about 100 presentations (lectures, conference papers…) in six different languages in universities and research institutions in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United States, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Brazil, Greece, Denmark, Taiwan, Portugal, South Africa. He has himself organized or co-organized 14 international conferences. He has supervised or co-supervised nearly 30 Ph. D. dissertations, in Italy or abroad.

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