Jens Stougaard - Selected Publications#

Madsen, L.H., Tirichine, L., Jurkiewicz, A., Sullivan, J.T., Heckmann, A.B., Bek, A.S., Ronson, C.W., James, E.K., and Stougaard, J. (2010) The molecular network governing nodule organogenesis and infection in the model legume Lotus japonicus. Nature Communications 1(10), DOI:10.1038/ncomms1009.

Desbrosses, G.J., and Stougaard, J. (2011) Root nodulation: a paradigm for how plant-microbe symbiosis influences host developmental pathways. Cell Host & Microbe 10, 348-358.

Madsen, E., Antolín-Llovera, M., Grossmann, C., Ye, J., Vieweg, S., Broghammer, A., Krusell, L., Radutoiu, S., Jensen, O., Stougaard, J., and Parniske, M. (2011) Autophosphorylation is essential for in vivo function of the Lotus japonicus Nod Factor Receptor 1 and receptor mediated signalling in cooperation with Nod Factor Receptor 5. Plant J. 65, 404-417.

Urbański, D. F., Małolepszy, A., Stougaard, J., and Andersen, S.U., (2012) Genome-wide LORE1 retrotransposon mutagenesis and high-throughput insertion detection in Lotus japonicus. Plant J. 69, 731-741.

Broghammer, A., Krusell, L., Blaise, M., Sauer, J., Sullivan, J.T., Maolanon, N., Vinther, M., Lorentzen, A., Madsen, E.B., Jensen, K.J., Roepstorff, P., Thirup, S., Ronson, C.W., Thygesen, M.B., and Stougaard, J. (2012). Legume receptors perceive the rhizobial lipochito-oligosaccharide signal molecules by direct binding. PNAS 109, 13859-13864.

Tabata, S. and Stougaard, J. (2014) The Lotus japonicus Genome. Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London 2014 DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-44270-8. Monograph pp 3-259.

Dam, S., Dyrlund, T.F., Ussatjuk, A., Jochimsen, B., Nielsen, K., Goffard, N., Ventosa, M., Lorentzen, A., Gupta, V., Andersen, S.U., Enghild, J.J., Ronson, C.W., Roepstorff, P., and Stougaard, J. (2014) Proteome reference maps of the Lotus japonicus nodule and root. Proteomics 14, 230-240.

Wong, J.E.M.M., Midtgaard, S.R., Gysel, K., Thygesen, M.B., Sørensen K.K., Jensen K.J, Stougaard J., Thirup, S. and Blaise M (2015) An intermolecular binding mechanism involving multiple LysM domains mediates carbohydrate recognition by an endopeptidase. Acta Crystallographica Section D. 71, 592-605.

Kawaharada Y., Kelly S., Wibroe Nielsen M., Hjuler C.T, Gysel K., Muszyński A., Carlson, RW. Thygesen, M.B., Sandal N., Asmussen M.H., Vinther M. , Andersen S.U., Krusell L., Thirup, S. , Jensen K.J. , Ronson C.W., Blaise M. , Radutoiu S. & Stougaard J. (2015) Receptor-mediated exopolysaccharide perception controls bacterial infection. Nature 523, 308-312.

Reid DE, Heckmann AB, Novák O, Kelly S and Stougaard J (2016) CYTOKININ OXIDASE/DEHYDROGENASE3 maintains cytokinin homeostasis assuring optimal root and nodule development in Lotus japonicus. Plant Phys 170, 1060-1074.

112 publications in leading peer reviewed international journals, 9 in Nature and Science
14 reviews in peer reviewed journals
11 laboratory manuals in cell biology and genetics
2 submitted manuscripts
3 licensed patents
H-factor 50 and 7908 citations in Web of Science. Average citation per item 48
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