Mark Steedman - Selected publications#

Complete list of publications(info)

  • Steedman, Mark. 2000a. The Syntactic Process. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Hockenmaier, Julia, and Mark Steedman. 2002. “Generative Models for Statistical Parsing with Combinatory Categorial Grammar.” In Proceedings of the 40th Meeting of the ACL, 335–342. Philadelphia, PA.
  • Steedman, Mark, Rebecca Hwa, Stephen Clark, Miles Osborne, Anoop Sarkar, Julia Hockenmaier, Paul Ruhlen, Steven Baker, and Jeremiah Crim. 2003a. “Example Selection for Bootstrapping Statistical Parsers”. In The Proceedings of the Joint
  • Conference of Human Language Technologies and the 3rd Meeting of the North American Chapter of the ACL, Edmonton, CA, 236-243.
  • Clark, Stephen, Mark Steedman, and James Curran, 2004 ”Object-Extraction and Question-Parsing using CCG”, In Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), Barcelona, 111-118.
  • Hockenmaier, Julia and Mark Steedman, 2007: CCGbank: a Corpus of CCG Derivations and Dependency Structures Extracted from the Penn Treebank, Computational Linguistics, 355-396.
  • Steedman, Mark. 1996. Surface Structure and Interpretation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Steedman, Mark. 2000a. “Information Structure and the Syntax-Phonology Interface.” Linguistic Inquiry, 34, 649–689.
  • Steedman, Mark. 2002. “Plans, Affordances, and Combinatory Grammar.” Linguistics and Philosophy, 25, 723–753.
  • Francez, Nissim and Steedman, Mark. 2006. “Categorial Grammar and the Semantics of Contextual Prepositional Phrases,” Linguistics and Philosophy, 29, 381-417.
  • Steedman, Mark. 2010. Natural Semantics of Scope. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (to appear).

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