Mark Steedman#

Short laudatio by Petr Sgall (from 2005)#

Professor M. Steedman is an outstanding representative of Computational and Theoretical Linguistics, as well as in Natural Language Processing, and the high significance of his theoretical research results has gained a very broad positive response.

His most important contributions to these fields of study concern formal grammar and discourse patterns. He is the author of the original formal theory of Combinatorial Categorial Grammar, which has been highly influential, being unique in accounting not only for the syntactic structure of the sentence but also describing, in a systematic and detailed way, its information structure as expressed by word order and sentence prosody. He works with two types of stress, distinguishing the focus and the contrastive topic, the former being placed at the end of a sentence in the prototypical case, while the latter is at its beginning.

M. Steedman’s international reputation has been reflected in many scientific papers and doctoral dissertations all over the world.

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