Nikolaos Stampolidis - Publications#


Stampolidis, N. Chr., The Dionysos Altar on Cos. Contribution to the study of Hellenistic sculpture and architecture, 1981. Diss. (in Greek; summary in Engl. - Germ.).

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Stampolidis, N. Chr. - Tsangari, D. - Tassoulas, G. (eds.), Money; Tangible Symbols in ancient Greece, Athens 2017.

CITATIONS: approximately 1000


He is the creator of the Archaeological park and of the Museum of ancient Eleutherna on Crete / Greece, 2016.

  • Director of the Museum of Cycladic Art / Athens where he produced dozens of archaeological and other exhibitions (permanent & temporary) thus creating the brand name of the Museum - 1996 onwards
  • President of the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete, 1991 - 1993.
  • Dean of the Philosophical School of the University of Crete, 1993 - 1996.
  • Head Director for 34 years of the excavations of ancient Eleutherna - 1984 onwards.

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