Wolfgang Spohn - Selected Publications#

The Laws of Belief. Ranking Theory and its Philosophical Applications, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2012 (xvi + 598 pp.) [distinguished with the Lakatos Award 2012 of the London School of Economics]]

Causation, Coherence, and Concepts. A Collection of Essays, Springer, Dordrecht, 2008 (xvi + 386 pp.).

Grundlagen der Entscheidungstheorie, Scriptor, Kronberg/Ts. 1978, out of print

"Conditionals: A Unified Ranking-Theoretic Perspective", Philosophers’ Imprints 15 (2015), No. 1, pp. 1-30.

"The Epistemic Account of Ceteris Paribus Conditions", European Journal for the Philosophy of Science 4 (2014), 385-408.

"The Measurement of Ranks and the Laws of Iterated Contraction", Artificial Intelligence 172 (2008) 1195-1218 (with M. Hild).

"Ordinal Conditional Functions. A Dynamic Theory of Epistemic States", in: W.L. Harper, B. Skyrms (eds.), Causation in Decision, Belief Change, and Statistics, vol. II, Kluwer, Dordrecht 1988, pp. 105-134 (most quoted paper: 895 Google Scholar entries).

"How to Make Sense of Game Theory", in: W. Stegmüller, W. Balzer, W. Spohn (eds.), Philosophy of Economics, Springer, Berlin 1982, pp. 239-270, reprinted in: Y. Varoufakis, A. Housego (eds.), Game Theory: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, Vol. IV, Discontents, Routledge, London 2001, pp. 213-241 (lays the first foundations to so-called epistemic game theory)

"Stochastic Independence, Causal Independence, and Shieldability", Journal of Philosophical Logic 9 (1980) 73-99 (lays the first foundations to the theory of Bayesian nets and its causal interpretation)

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