Gerhard Speckbacher - Selected Publications#

Managing the trade-off between autonomy and task interdependence in creative teams: The role of organizational-level cultural control. Accounting, Organizations and Society 2022 (with I. Grabner and A. Klein, in press)

Incentivizing Innovation. Accounting, Organizations and Society 86, Oct. 2020 (with M. Wabnegg).

Does Using Accounting Data in Performance Evaluations Spoil Team Creativity? The Role of Leadership Behavior. The Accounting Review 95(4), 313-330. 2020. (with A. Klein)

The cost of creativity: A control perspective. Accounting, Organizations and Society 48 (1), 31-42. 2016 (with I. Grabner)

Resource Relatedness and the Mode of Entry Into New Businesses: Internal Resource Accumulation vs. Access by Collaborative Arrangement. Strategic Management Journal 36 S. 1675-1687. 2015 (with K. Neumann and W. Hoffmann).

Earlier key publications:

The Impact of Family Control on the Use of Performance Measures in Strategic Target Setting and Incentive Compensation. Management Accounting Research 23 (1): 34-46. 2013 (with P. Wentges).

A Descriptive Analysis on the Implementation of Balanced Scorecards in German-Speaking Countries. Management Accounting Research, 14, 361-387. 2003 (with J. Bischof and T. Pfeiffer).

The Economics of Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 13, 3, 267-281. 2003.

Utility Maximization Under Capital Growth Constraints. Journal of Mathematical Economics 33 (1): 1-12. 2000 (with K. Hellwig and P. Wentges).

Maintaining Capital Intact and WARP. Mathematical Social Sciences, 36, 145-155. 1998.

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