Demitrios Spandidos - Selected Publications#

1. D.A. Spandidos - The Cancer Story, pp180, 2021 - Published by Spandidos Publications (freely available online; contains 962 articles of D.A. Spandidos published by October, 2021;

2. Kostoff RN, Briggs MB, Kanduc D, Shores DR, Kovatsi L, Drakoulis N, Porter AL, Tsatsakis A and SPANDIDOS DA. Contributing factors common to COVID‑19 and gastrointestinal cancer. Oncology Reports 47: Article No. 16, 2022.

3. Papageorgiou L, Alkenaris H, Zervou MI, Vlachakis D, Matalliotakis I, SPANDIDOS DA, Bertsias G, Goulielmos GN and Eliopoulos E. Epione application: An integrated web‑toolkit of clinical genomics and personalized medicine in systemic lupus erythematosus. International Journal of Molecular Medicine 49: Article No. 8, 2022.

4. Papanikolopoulou A, Syrigos N, Vini L, Papasavva M, Lazopoulos G, Kteniadakis S, SPANDIDOS DA, Charpidou A and Drakoulis N. Use of oral glutamine in radiation‑induced adverse effects in patients with thoracic and upper aerodigestive malignancies: Results of a prospective observational study. Oncology Letters 23: Article No. 19, 2022.

5. Efstathiou V, Stefanou M-I, Siafakas N, Makris M, Tsivgoulis G, Zoumpourlis V, SPANDIDOS DA, Smyrnis N and Rizos E. Suicidality and COVID‑19: Suicidal ideation, suicidal behaviors and completed suicides amidst the COVID‑19 pandemic (Review). Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine 23: 107, 2022.

6. Georgakopoulou VE, Zygouris E, Damaskos C, Pierrakou A, Papalexis P, Garmpis N, Aravantinou‑Fatorou A, Chlapoutakis S, Diamantis E, Nikokiris C, Gkoufa A, Sklapani P, Trakas N, Janinis J, SPANDIDOS DA and Dahabreh J. Prognostic value of the immunohistochemistry markers CD56, TTF‑1, synaptophysin, CEA, EMA and NSE in surgically resected lung carcinoid tumors. Molecular and Clinical Oncology 16: Article No. 31, 2022.

7. Katopodis P, Randeva HS, SPANDIDOS DA, Saravi S, Kyrou I and Karteris E. Host cell entry mediators implicated in the cellular tropism of SARS‑CoV‑2, the pathophysiology of COVID‑19 and the identification of microRNAs that can modulate the expression of these mediators (Review). International Journal of Molecular Medicine 49: Article No. 20, 2022.


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H-index = 94; i10 = 652; citations >34,000
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H-index = 73; citations >24,000

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