Demetrios Spandidos - Curriculum Vitae#

  • BSc in Chemistry, November 1971, Aristotelion University of Thesaloniki, Greece
  • PhD in Biochemistry, January 1976, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
    Title of PhD Thesis: Genetics and Transcription of Reovirus
  • MRCPath, November 1988. Royal College of Pathologists, London, UK
  • DSc in Genetics, July 1989. University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    Title of DSc Thesis: Studies on the role of ras gene in carcinogenesis
  • FRSH, June 1994. The Royal Society of Health, London, UK
  • FRCPath, January 1997. The Royal College of Pathologists, London, UK
  • Specialised in Clinical Chemistry, 1998. Ministry of Health, Greece
  • FASA, 2005. The American Society of Angiology

Publications (By July 2020)

Professor D.A. Spandidos has authored more than 900 publications in English in 200 different international journals and more than 50 publications in Greek journals. His work has received over 26.500 citations (Google Scholar). His major findings have been discussed in the journals Nature, Science, New Scientist and The Economist among others.

Communications (By July 2020)

Professor D.A. Spandidos has participated with more than 1000 communications and invited talks in International Conferences.

PhD Supervisor:

More than 100 graduate students have obtained their PhD degree in Greece under the supervision of Professor D.A. Spandidos and most of them are pursuing careers abroad in leading institutions in the field of cancer research as shown by work published in top biomedical journals.

Research Achievements:

Among his most significant work is included the discovery of avian reovirus (Spandidos DA and Graham AF, J Virol 19: 977, 1976), the discovery of cellular oncogenes by gene transfer (Spandidos DA and Siminovitch L, Cell 12: 675, 1977 and Spandidos DA and Siminovitch L, Nature 271: 259, 1978), the transfer of human globin genes to hemopoietic cells (Spandidos DA and Paul J, EMBO J 1: 15, 1982), the involvement of ras genes in colon tumours (Spandidos DA and Kerr IB, Br J Cancer 49: 681, 1984), the mechanism of transformation by ras genes (Spandidos DA and Wilkie NM, Nature 310: 469, 1984), the role of ras and myc genes in apoptosis (Wyllie AH, Rose KA, Morris RG, Steel CM, Foster E and Spandidos DA, Br J Cancer 56: 251, 1987), the involvement of p53 in head and neck carcinomas (Field JK, Spandidos DA, Malliri A, Gosney JR, Yiagnisis M and Stell PM, Br J Cancer 64: 573, 1991) among others, the involvement of BRAF and RKIP genes in squamous cell carcinoma (Zaravinos A, Kanellou P, Baritaki S, Bonavida B and Spandidos DA, Cell Cycle 8: 1, 2009), the genetic analysis of urinary bladder cancer (Zaravinos A, Lambrou GI, Boulalas I, Delakas D and Spandidos DA, PLoS ONE 6: e18135, 2011 and Zaravinos A, Lambrou GI, Volanis D, Delakas D and Spandidos DA, PLoS ONE 6: e18255, 2011) and the foundation of Paediatric Virology (Mammas IN and Spandidos DA, Exp Ther Med 12: 539-540, 2016 and Mammas IN and Spandidos DA, Exp Ther Med 12: 541-549, 2016)

Full CV

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