Stephan Sobolev - Selected Publications#

30 key papers from more than 90 published since 1994 (Reverse chronological order)

1. Muldashev, I., Sobolev, S. V. (2020). What Controls Maximum Magnitudes of Giant Subduction Earthquakes? - Geochem. Geophys. Geosys (G3), 21, e2020GC009145,

2. Sobolev S.V. and M. Brown (2019). Surface erosion events controlled the evolution of plate tectonics on Earth. Nature, 570, 52-57.

3. Baes, M., Sobolev, S. V. (2017). Mantle Flow as a Trigger for Subduction Initiation: A Missing Element of the Wilson Cycle Concept. - Geochem. Geophys. Geosys (G3) 18, 4469–4486.

4. Sobolev, S. V., Muldashev, I. (2017). Modelling Seismic Cycles of Great Megathrust Earthquakes across the Scales with Focus at Postseismic Phase. - Geochem. Geophys. Geosys (G3) 570: 52-57

5. Dannberg, J., Sobolev, S. V. (2015). Low-buoyancy thermochemical plumes resolve controversy of classical mantle plume concept. - Nature Communications, 6.

6. Gerya, T.V., Stern, R.J., Baes, M., Sobolev, S.V., Whattam, S.A. (2015). Plate tectonics on the Earth triggered by plume-induced subduction initiation. Nature 527, 221-225.

7. Brune, S., Heine, C., Pérez-Gussinyé, M., Sobolev, S.V. (2014). Rift migration explains continental margin asymmetry and crustal hyper-extension. - Nature communications 5, 1-9

8. Hoechner, A., Ge, M., Babeyko, A., Sobolev, S. V. (2013). Instant tsunami early warning based on real time GPS – Tohoku 2011 case study. - Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS), 13, 5, 1285-1292.

9. Quinteros, J., Sobolev, S. V. (2013). Why has the Nazca plate slowed since the Neogene? Geology 41, 31-34.

10. Popov, A. A., Sobolev, S. V., Zoback, M. D. (2012). Modelling evolution of the San Andreas Fault System in northern and central California. Geochem. Geophys. Geosys. (G3), 13, Q08016.

11. Brune, S., Popov, A. A., Sobolev, S. V. (2012). Modelling suggests that oblique extension facilitates rifting and continental break-up. J. Geophys. Res., 117, B08402.

12. Sobolev, S.V., Sobolev, A.V., Kuzmin, D.V., et al. (2011), Linking mantle plumes, large igneous provinces and environmental catastrophes. Nature, 477, 312-316.

13. Ueda, K., Gerya, T., Sobolev, S.V. (2008). Subduction initiation by thermal–chemical plumes: numerical studies. - Phys. Earth. Planet. Inter 171 (1-4), 296-312.

14. Popov A.A. and Sobolev, S.V., (2008). SLIM3D: A tool for thermomechanical modeling of lithospheric deformation with elasto-visco-plastic rheology, Phys. Earth. Planet. Inter., 171, 55–75.

15. Sobolev, S.V., Babeyko, A.Y. et al. (2007). Tsunami early warning using GPS-Shield arrays, J. Geophys. Res., 12, B08415.

16. Sobolev, S.V., Babeyko, A.Y., Koulakov, I. and O. Oncken, (2006). Mechanism of the Andean orogeny: insight from the numerical modeling, In: Oncken O et al. (eds) The Andes – Active Subduction Orogeny. Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 1, Springer, 513-535.

17. Petrunin, A and Sobolev, S.V. (2006). What controls thickness of sediments and lithospheric deformation at a pull-apart basin? Geology, 34 (5) 389-392.

18. Koulakov, I., Sobolev, S.V., Asch, G. (2006). P- and S-velocity images of the lithosphere—asthenosphere system in the Central Andes from local-source tomographic inversion. Geophysical Journal International 167, 106-126.

19. Koulakov, I. and Sobolev, S.V. (2006). Tomographic Image of Indian Lithosphere break-off beneath the Pamir Hindukush Region, Geophys. J. Int. 164 (2), 425–440.

20. Sobolev, S.V., Petrunin, A. et al. (2005). Thermo-mechanical model of the Dead Sea transform: Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 238, 78-95.

21. Babeyko, A.Y., and Sobolev, S.V. (2005). Quantifying different modes of the late Cenozoic shortening in the Central Andes, Geology, 33 (8), 621–624.

22. Sobolev, S.V. and Babeyko A.Y. (2005). What drives orogeny in the Andes? Geology, 33 (8), 617–620.

23. Sobolev A.V., Hofmann A.W., Sobolev S.V., and Nikogosian I.K. (2005). An olivine-free mantle source of Hawaiian shield basalts. Nature, 434, 590-597.

24. Mechie, J., Sobolev, S.V. et al. (2004). Precise temperature estimation in the Tibetan crust from seismic detection of the alpha-beta quartz transition. Geology, 32, 601-604, 2004

25. Oncken, O., Sobolev, S. Stiller, M. et al. (ANCORP Working Group) (2003). Seismic imaging of an active continental margin - the central Andes (ANCORP '96). J. Geophys. Res., 108, doi:10.1029/2002JB001771.

26. Babeyko, A. Yu., Sobolev, S.V., Trumbull, R.B., Oncken, O. and Lavier, L.L. (2002). Numerical models of crustal scale convection and partial melting beneath the Altiplano-Puna plateau, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett, 199, 373-388.

27. Yuan, X, Sobolev, S.V., and Kind, R. (2002). New data on Moho topography in the Central Andes and their geodynamic implications, Earth Planet Sci. Lett., 199, 389 -402.

28. Yuan, X., Sobolev, S.V., Kind, R. et al., (2000). Subduction and collision processes in the Central Andes constrained by converted seismic phases, Nature, 408, 958-961.

29. Sobolev, S.V., Zeyen, H. et al. (1996). Upper mantle temperatures from teleseismic tomography of French Massif Central including effects of composition, mineral reactions, anharmonicity, anelasticity and partial melt. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 39, 147-163.

30. Sobolev, S.V. and Babeyko, A.Yu. (1994). Modelling of mineralogical composition, density and elastic wave velocities in the unhydrous rocks. Surveys in Geophys, 15, 515-544.

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