Austin Smith - Major publications#

1. Smith AG, Heath JK, Donaldson DD, Wong GG, Moreau J, Stahl M and Rogers D (1988) Inhibition of pluripotential embryonic stem cell . differentiation by purified polypeptides Nature 336: 688-690

2. Niwa, H., Burdon, T., Chambers, l. and Smith, A.G. (1998). Self-renewal of pluripotent embryonic stem cells is mediated via activation of STAT3. Genes and Development 12: 2048-2060.

3. Nichols, J., Zevnik, B., Anastassiadis, K., Niwa, H., Klewe-Nebenius, D. Chambers, I., Scholer, H. and Smith, A.G. (1998). Formation of pluripotent stem cells in the mammalian embryo depends on the POU transcription factor Oct-4. Cell 95: 379-391.

4. Ying, Q.-L., Nichols, J., Evans, E.P. and Smith, A.G. (2002). Changing potency by spontaneous fusion. Nature 416: 545-548

5. Chambers, l., Colby, D., Robertson, M., Nichols, J., Lee, S., Tweedie, S. and Smith, A.G. (2003). Functional expression cloning of Nanog, a pluripotency sustaining factor in mouse embryonic stem cells. Cell 113: 643-655

6. Ying, Q.-L., Nichols, J., Chambers, I., and Smith, A.G. (2003). BMP induction of Id proteins suppresses differentiation and sustains embryonic stem cell self-renewal in collaboration with STAT3. Cell 115: 281-292

7. Silva, J, Chambers, I, Pollard, S and Smith, A.G. (2006). Nanog promotes transfer of pluripotency after cell fusion, Nature 441: 997-1001

8. Chambers I, Silva J, Colby D, Nichols J, Robertson M, Nijmeijer B, Vrana J, Grotewold L, Smith A.G. (2007) Nanog safeguards pluripotency and mediates germline development. Nature 450;1230—1234

9. Ying QL, Wray J, Nichols J, Batlle-Morera L, Doble B, Woodgett J, Cohen P. and Smith A. (2008) The ground state of embryonic stem cell self- renewal Nature 453: 519-523

10.SiIva J, Barrandon O, Nichols J, Kawaguchi J, Theunissen T and Smith A. (2008) Promotion of reprogramming to ground state pluripotency by chemical inhibition PLoS Biology 6: e253
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