Saharon Shelah - Selected publications#

(Compiled by Yuri Gurevich, USA, and Manfred Droste, Germany.)

H index over 52, over 15.000 citations!

Major books written by Saharon Shelah:

1. Classification Theory and the Number of Nonisomorphic Models. Studies in Logic and the
Foundations of Mathematics 92, North-Holland 1978; 2nd edition, revised and expanded, North-Holland 1990.
2. Proper Forcing. Lecture Notes in Mathematics 940, Springer, 1982. Expanded to "Proper and Improper Forcing," Perspectives in Mathematical Logic, Springer 1998.
3. Around Classification Theory of Models. Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics1182, 1986.
4. Cardinal Arithmetic. Oxford Logic Guides 29, Oxford University Press 1994.
5. Classification of Abstract Elementary Classes. Studies in Logic 18, College Publications (UK) 2009. And "Classification of Abstract Elementary Classes 2". Studies in Logic 20, College Publications (UK) 2009.

There are also research books written by others where, according to the authors, much of work has been done by Shelah. These include:
  • Almost Free Modules, by Paul Eklof and Alan Mekler, Elsevier 2002,
  • Approximations and Endomorphism Algebras of Modules, Ruediger Goebel and Jan Trlifaj, Walter de Gruyter 2006.

As far as Shelah's papers are concerned, the selection is hard. He published, with > 200 coauthors, about 1000 hard mathematical papers, many of them within the last 5 years, in international refereed journals; see "Shelah's Archive" at The selection necessarily reflects our personal knowledge and taste.

6. Every two elementarily equivalent models have isomorphic ultrapowers, Israel J. Math. 10 (1971) 224–233.
7. Infinite abelian groups, Whitehead problem and some constructions, Israel J. Math. 18 (1974) 243–256.
8. The monadic theory of order, Annals of Math 102 (1975) 379–419.
9. Primitive recursive bounds for van der Waerden numbers, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 1 (1988) 683–697.
10. Minimal bounded index subgroup for dependent theories, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 136:3 (2008) 1087–1091.

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