Boris Sharkov - Selected Publications#

”Heavy ion hollow beam formation at the energy of 1 AGeV for implosion experiments using an original RF system for fast rotation”, S. Minaev, N.Alexeev , B.Sharkov et al., Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 620 (2010) 99–104.

“Laser Ion Source”, R.Scrivens & B.Sharkov, (invited Paper) IEEE Transactions on Plasma Physics (2005) v 33, 6.

“Laser Ion Sources for Heavy Ion Synchrotrons”, B.Sharkov, in The Physics and Technology of the Ion Sources, (I.G.Brown ed.), Wiley VCH Verlag (2004).

“Characteristics of Laser Ion Source”, B.Sharkov, Handbook of Ion Sources, CRC Press Inc.,1995.

“Russian heavy-ion inertial fusion energy program”, B.Yu.Sharkov, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A 577 (2007).

“Status of heavy ion fusion”, B.Sharkov, (invited paper) Plasma Physics & Control Fusion 43(2001).

“Plasma generation by corpuscular beams”, B.Sharkov & V.Isakov in Encyclopedia of Dense Plasmas, Nauka/Interperiodika, Moscow 2000.

“Intense Ion Beams for Generation of Extreme State of Matter”, V.E.Fortov & B.Yu.Sharkov, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk 178(2), 2008

“European Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR): the new international center for fundamental physics and its research program”, V E Fortov, B Yu Sharkov, H Stöcker; Physics - Uspekhi 55 (6) 582 - 602 (2012).

"Nuclear Syntesis with Inertial Confinement – Prospects for Energy", B.Yu.Sharkov ed. Fismatlit, Moscow 2005).
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