Francis Sejersted - List of Selected Publications #

  • Kræmmeren og hans hus (Oslo 1965) (A history of a trading firm).
  • Norges Bank og Høykonjunkturen i 1840-årene (Oslo 1968) (The Bank of Norway and the boom in the 1840ies)
  • Fra Linderud til Eidsvold Værk, bd. II og bd. III (Oslo 1972 og 1978) (Two volumes of a history of one of the leading Norwegian timber firms. The two volumes covering the 19th century)
  • Teori, Ideal og Virkelighet (Oslo 1973) (On the back to par policy in Norway in the 1920ies)
  • Historisk introduksjon til økonomien (Oslo 1973, 2. ed. 1985) ("Historical Introduction to Economics")
  • Den vanskelige frihet (Oslo 1978) ("The Difficult Freedom". Vol. X in a general history of
  • Norway covering the period 1814-1850)
  • Opposisjon og Posisjon (Oslo 1984) (Vol. III in a history of the Norwegian conservative party covering the period after 1945)
  • Demokrati og Rettsstat (Oslo 1984) ("Democracy and the Rule of Law". Theoretical and empirical articles on the constitutional development in Norway)
  • Demokratisk Kapitalisme (Oslo 1993) ("Democratic capitalism". Theoretical and empirical articles on the development of Norwegian capitalist institutions)
  • Teknologipolitikk (Oslo 1998) (Technology Policy)
  • Systemtvang eller politikk (Oslo 1999) (Systemic force or political strategy. On the development of the oil-industrial complex in Norway)
  • Norsk Idyll? (Oslo 2000) (Norwegian Idyll?)
  • Taler for fred (Oslo 2000) (Speeches for peace)
  • Collected works in 8 volumes will be published 2001-2003
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