Francois Schweisguth - Selected Publications#

Metrics (web of Science): 92 papers, total citations: 4810, H-index: 37

1. F. Schweisguth and J.W. Posakony (1992) Suppressor of Hairless, the Drosophila Homolog of the Mouse Recombination Signal-Binding Protein Gene, Controls Sensory Organ Cell Fates. Cell, 69, 1199-1212.
231 citations

2. M. Lecourtois and F. Schweisguth (1995) The neurogenic Suppressor of Hairless DNA-binding protein mediates the transcriptional activation of the Enhancer of split Complex genes triggered by Notch signalling. Genes & Development, 9, 2598-2608.
358 citations

3. M. Gho and F. Schweisguth (1998) Frizzled signalling controls orientation of asymmetric sense organ precursor cell divisions in Drosophila. Nature, 393, 178-181.
170 citations

4. M. Lecourtois and F. Schweisguth (1998).Indirect evidence for a Delta-dependent intracellular processing of Notch in Drosophila embryos. Current Biology, 8, 771-774
161 citations

5. Y. Bellaïche, A. Radovic, D.F. Woods, C.D. Hough, M.-L. Parmentier, C. J. O’Kane, P.J. Bryant and F. Schweisguth (2001) The Partner of Inscuteable/Discs-large complex is required to establish planar polarity during asymmetric cell division in Drosophila. Cell, 106, 355-366.
148 citations

6. R. Le Borgne and F. Schweisguth (2003) Unequal segregation of Neuralized biases Notch activation during asymmetric cell division. Developmental Cell, 5, 139-48.
151 citations

More recent papers

7. L. Couturier, N. Vodovar and F. Schweisguth (2012) Endoyctosis by Numb breaks Notch symmetry at cytokinesis. Nature Cell Biology, 14, 131-9

8. S. Chanet and F. Schweisguth (2012) Regulation of epithelial polarity by the E3 ubiquitin ligase Neuralized and the Bearded inhibitors in Drosophila. Nature Cell Biology, 14, 467-76

9. L. Couturier, M. Trylinski, K. Mazouni, L. Darnet and F. Schweisguth (2014) A fluorescent tagging approach in Drosophila reveals late endosomal trafficking of Notch and Sanpodo. The Journal of Cell Biology, 3, 351-63

10. C. Besson, F. Bernard, F. Corson, H. Rouault, E. Reynaud, A. Keder, K. Mazouni and F. Schweisguth (2015) Planar Cell Polarity breaks the symmetry of PAR protein distribution prior to mitosis in Drosophila Sensory Organ Precursor cells. Current Biology, 25, 1104-10
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